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Hello all,
New to bicycle restoration and hoping to learn a few things! Picked up what I believe to be a "purple/iliac" carlton corsa and been taking it apart. I'm in two minds as to whether completely re-paint the frame or not. As you can see from the pictures, paint isn't great looking, rusted and chipped in places, but I dont want to ruin the classic look with a bad paint job.

Been trying to find the name of the colour online or a very close approximation but not having any success. Anyone restored a carlton with the same colour and know where I could source the paint from? Or have any general tips about restoring the frame as best as possible?

Rest of the bicycle is cleaning up very nicely, mainly just surface rust on the wheels and have sourced a nice new pair of 27 x 1.1/4 white wall tyres and a few other bits.

Thanks in advance.


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Nice, give it a good rub with T-cut and see if that helps.


I've painted a Carlton Corsa a similar colour. I stripped the frame completely and used Ford Amethyst. I believe the code was V5. I had the paint mixed in an aerosol, can be done at a motor paint factors or there are a few suppliers on eBay. Will need stripping, rubbing down, priming, and clear lacquer after colour to make it shine. Decals are available on eBay. If you go that way, after you have sprayed the colour, put the decals on, then spray the clear lacquer. it will protect the decals and stop them peeling. You will need 2 x 400 ml aerosols and you should have half a can left for any touch ups. Alternatively have the photo with you and go to a make up counter. There should be a nail varnish somewhere that should be close enough to take your eye of the bad bits and it will take a lot less time.


Colour looks like Polychromatic Mauve / Polychromatic Lilac (Carlton couldn't make up their mind lol)
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