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Carlton Corsa 68-72

Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by Spokesmann, 30 Jul 2010.

  1. Spokesmann

    Spokesmann Keeping the Carlton and Sun names alive...

    Plymouth, Devon
    This is one of my favourite rides, since acquiring this bike and rebuilding it, Ive done close to 1,500 miles on it. It has been used for commuting and a little touring. It normally carries my panniers. Ive been giving the bike a general once over and clean today. All is well this machine save for a broken front spoke - easily fixed even by me!

    This Corsa dates somewhere between 68-72 a time when Crespera lugs came in (replacing the Capella type). Its a little difficult to give the exact date as Carlton decided not to use a letter prefix for these 4 years, not until around 72/3 did they start to use the W prefix and a totally new numbering system was it possible again to date each bike to year and month of manufacture.

    This machine was purchased from someone who used to ride it, but gave up and decided to leave the bike outside under a cover of some description. Whilst affording the upper part of the bike protection, the lower half suffered hence the marks on the paintwork. It has the best examples of imichrome decals I have too. The Corsa has all the nice features of the day - Weinmann branded brakes, GB bars and the lovely polychromatic mauve paintwork. Frame is 21" which is a tad on the small side for me but I have the saddle positioned quite high.

    Since my ownership Ive fitted a Brooks Champion B17 narrow saddle, new tyres some replacement wheels (the old one were shot, shame as they had large flange hubs which had been ruined by exposure the elements), a 12v Miller dyno, LED lights, my old Continental's Shimano rear mech and Pleischer copy rack.

    Anyway here are some pics for that are interested.






    The 12v dyno has a lot of resistance on the wheel





  2. Baggy

    Baggy Cake connoisseur

  3. stevevw

    stevevw Veteran

    Now look what you made me do.


    Picking it up in the next day or two for a bargain price
  4. 4F

    4F Active member of Helmets Are Sh*t Lobby

    yet another beauty :thumbsup: You do have some really nice looking bikes spokesmann
  5. Spokesmann

    Spokesmann Keeping the Carlton and Sun names alive...

    Plymouth, Devon
    Nice, saw that one myself. Looks like a Corsa from around the same period. biggrin.gif
  6. Spokesmann

    Spokesmann Keeping the Carlton and Sun names alive...

    Plymouth, Devon
    Thanks, all old but plenty of life in them yet.
  7. sunnyjim

    sunnyjim Senior Member

    Thank you for these pics. Takes me back.  That was my first 'proper' bike bought with my own earned money. Same colour'n everything, but bought circa 1975.

    Mine looked identical to your pics (same colour, decals 'neverything apart from Huret derailleur and alleged Brooks saddle which went banana-shaped after a year), but was definitely well into the 'Raleigh' era. I thought the silvery decals looked cheap & removed them about a week after buying the bike..

    The basic frame design with characteristic bent-over rear stays carried on to the Raleigh 'Grand Prix' I bought around 1984  (after some bstard pinched the Viscount Aerospace Sport bought to replace the Corsa which some bstard.....) . By then the cranks & chainrings were alloy, Wienmann calipers apparently  identical but branded Raleigh, although wheel nuts still with the Red 'C'.  Standard offering still Huret but fitted  Suntour V-lux from new.

    Do you know if quality changed dramatically as Raleigh-ness set in?.  I still  have the Grand Prix, which served a lot of miles over 20+ years with a couple of re-paints, and now wondedring if it's worth doing up for occasional use ( almost completely ''old and bent' now..)  
  8. Spokesmann

    Spokesmann Keeping the Carlton and Sun names alive...

    Plymouth, Devon
    Im of the mind that quality, in as much as the Raleigh blandness set in, compared to what Carlton did before suffered... the general standardisation of parts basically killed any individuality Carlton had, albeit slowly.

    Carlton was eventually seen as diluting the Raleigh brand and was eventually killed off, strikes and a recession in the early 1980s did not help. A sad loss to the British cycle industry. Hence I do all I can to keep the name alive.
  9. Spokesmann

    Spokesmann Keeping the Carlton and Sun names alive...

    Plymouth, Devon
    My 23-1/2" Corsa out in the sun this week...


  10. garryh

    garryh New Member

    Hi Mike

    I downloaded The carlton 69/70 catalogue from one of the links and I notice the Corsa isn't listed any idea why?

    As mentioned on another of the carlton Links I am currently starting a restore on a Corsa which is just a male menopause project as like many I bought an Aqua green model with my hard earned paperound money around 70/71. (In those days we didn't sit around and then riot and steal things!!.....Rant over)

    I have included a few pics of the project bike before stripping.

    I remember that my bike did not have the chainwheel as seen on this bike it had a cobweb one....question I am trying to find one of these does anyone know what they were called, or even better have one that they would like to sell?

    As can be seen in my pics, the poor old Brooks has seen one bum too many!!

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  11. Baggy

    Baggy Cake connoisseur

    Ebay is probably your best bet for the chainset...
    They look like nice hubs!
  12. Spokesmann

    Spokesmann Keeping the Carlton and Sun names alive...

    Plymouth, Devon
    Those chain wheels were also used on the 5-speed Chopper. They can be found on ebay as stated. My mauve Corsa has something a little earlier.
  13. garryh

    garryh New Member

    Cheer Baggy, yea I have been scouring ebay I guess sooner or latter one will turn up.

    Hubs are good but old chrome wheels are a bit tatty, I have already bought a new set of wheels with Rigida rims in polished alloy. Look to be Ok too.

    I have a few challenges, a bent rear stay to straighten before it goes for shotblasting, My old bike had huret Svelto rear mech with red wheels so the Shimano Skylark has got to go, and of course it will need new stickers.......unless anyone is good at braile!

    PS how do I get photos fullsize and not thumbnails??

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  14. garryh

    garryh New Member

    Ahh thanks Mike thats a great tip when looking.:smile:
  15. Baggy

    Baggy Cake connoisseur

    :ohmy: Mike wasn't even online when I typed my reply - he's like "Carlton-Man" there must be a signal that lights up in the Carlton-Cave when there's a question that needs answering :biggrin: