Advice on value please


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Hi Guys,
I'm thinking of upgrading one of my bikes and selling this one but am not really sure
what it's worth, so I was hoping some of you "experts" might be able to offer some advice.

It's had new crank bearings, new gears, new front cogs, new rear gear, new tyres and it's a carbon fibre frame.

It might need a service as it's been sat in the shed for a while.

Any advice would be very welcome;

Thanks in advance.



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make, model and year would help significantly.
Good morning,

You will probable need to provide more details, road bike or mountain bike, groupset etc to get a useful price. :-)

My own experience is that Carbon Fibre framed bikes are not heavily in demand on the second hand market unless the bike is virtually unused or offered at a very low price.

People who want carbon tend to be serious about their riding and want new so you might be better off breaking it up and selling the parts.

About a year ago I bought a virtually unused carbon road bike, found that it wasn't really for me and saw what similar bikes were going for on ebay and decided to keep it.




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I would also add the size of the frame & wheel size (look 26") also if you are on Isle of Wight (Brighstone, Newport) I presume you will be willing to post if so how much, nice bike by the looks of it.


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Hi Phaeton, yes they are 26". I do live on the IOW but hubby is working in Buckinghamshire for the next few weeks (where we used to live), so
it could be collected from there or posted.


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Best way is to look on eBay and see what they go for. I couldn't find find your particular model there nor did I see one on Gumtree. Must be a rare model.
Could be worth anything from £2/600 but as with more specialist bikes you have to find the right buyer.
Might be best to put it on eBay and set the minimum to what is the least you are prepared to accept.


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Is it a women's bike?

It won't need a service if it's been unused in the shed. You definitely need to give more detail on size etc. and if you're putting it on EBay, better photos. There's plenty on the web about how to photograph a bike for sale.
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That's a Scott Genius. It was a kinda novelty bike in its time in that it had a rear shock that sucked, rather than pumped. By that I mean it worked by extending the shock, rather than compressing it, as we're used to. That means that no other shock in the world can be used to replace it, should it go wrong. And, wrong they go. They have a zillion moving parts and tiny, tiny O-rings that fail rather frequently. Very few people know how to service that shock and comes time to service, you're in trouble.

For that reason along, I'd say your bike is worth far, far less than you would expect from a bike that was once upon a time, a premium bike. The concept never took off and Scott abandoned its proprietary shock for a standard push-to-compress style, albeit another rubbish brand - DT-Swiss. That also backfired on Scott and now it uses Fox products, if my information is correct.

Your bike looks to be in a niceish condition with top-end components. Hover, the proprietary shock and outdated 26" wheels devalue it.


This MC-20 sold for £300 with one bid on eBay, having had no bids at £350.

Personally, when I sell stuff on eBay I like to live dangerously and rely on items finding their own value in the market, so I tend to use very low start prices in an attempt to bring competing bidders in. Put some effort into the listing, take decent photos and make sure it's spelled and categorised correctly. If you just set an opening bid at a price that you'd be happy to sell at, you may as well stick it on Gumtree for the same amount and settle at that, and where's the fun in that? :okay:


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I broke up my titanium Global with a very unfashionable spec and sold all the bits on EBay to people who didn't want brand new. Maybe that's what you should try.


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Thanks for the advice everyone, I'm still not sure what to do with it. Hubby can do any maintenance (he's built both pushbikes and motorbikes from scratch, with very little he can't do), the main reason for selling it would be just to make room for another as it is one of 3 I have. We're pretty sure we could get reasonable money from selling the parts individually, but of course would rather not bother if possible.


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Keep it ? I just picked up a 2014 BMC Fourstroke full suspension, that was hardly used, but from a guy I know - just £300 for a £2k bike. It has all 'current' technology.

That's a lovely bike - worth keeping for some off road - even if only for pottering round a forest or a lake.
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