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I have just started using my carrera Vulcan MTB to work, all my trip is on the road but with part going over cobbles, iv recently changed my tyres to road tyres and was thinking of also changing the forks to a fixed style would this help and if so what type should i go for


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Give NormanD a shout. Rigid Forks will make a difference on your MTB....I'm so out of touch I would recommend Kona Project 2s.....


Kona Project 2s are quite cheap - and quite a few go on ebay too. Just a matter of finding one of the right size (wheel, brakes, steerer etc). Classic heavy-duty ridgid forks.

Surly 1x1 forks are similar too. They also have a slight deflection (?is that the right term?) so they might smooth out the bumps a bit more that the P2s.


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Hello John

Rigid forks all the way if your journey consists of what you've describe above, but I'm sure the Vulcan comes with lock-out forks, if so then keep them this way it does help.

Rather than throw a lot of cash at your bike (like I did) it might be worth considering looking for a cheap second hand hybrid or rigid framed bike, or even check your local scrap metal merchants as they seem to get loads of bike frames you could rescue a pair of rigid fork from, for a few quid or even a whole bike for that matter.

you should see the difference with the road tyres you've switched too, I've Specialized Nimbus fitted to mine, but run them at 70 psi front and 75 psi rear 10 / 15 psi above recommended.

Good luck with your choice


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Iv had the bike for a few years now I think prob before the lock out forks were about mines def don't lock so I'm looking to replace them, also iv reduced the tyres to 1.85 from 2.3 should I go lower still I don't mind spending a few pound extra as commuting by bike is already saving me around £50 a week
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