Aende Frames?


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As a newbie on Cycle Chat and someone making his 'comeback' in cycling I have been pleasantly surprised by the interest in classic bikes. In my local bike shop the other day, while surrounded by state of the art carbon, the young shop assistant pointed out with great pride a 1990's Cannonade that he had lovingly restored.

This got me thinking about the two bikes I have at home. One tourer, one racer, both built for me by the Nottingham based frame builder Aende in the mid 1980's. They've not been ridden much in the last 25 years! But they are in good condition having never seen salted roads and all complete with their original components.

My current ride is a modern Boardman 'cross bike and I love it. So what do I do with my old Aendes? Perhaps you guys in Cycle Chat could help me out with this, for instance, does any recognise the name Aende? I could ride then again or sell perhaps sell them, but is there a market for these old hand-build frames?
I recognise Aende - I used to pass their workshop every day on the way to work.

There are a couple on Ebay at the mo, around the £250 mark


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He did a couple for us, one is a mountain bike. He could be a bit hit and miss though, one after picking it up we realised the rear triangle was way out, he did remake it and get it repainted though.


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Have you seen this page, I should think you will get a lot of interest if you decide to sell,
TMN to @Ffoeg !

Still quite a few Aendes being ridden around these parts. The bloke I bought my Holdsworth from in Burton Joyce had one in a garage sale last summer; I would have snapped it up, but it was tiny, ~19".
Gorgeous bike, though, I could have hung it on the wall, but SWMBO would have objected strongly.
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