Ahhhh simple pleasures...

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OK, I know most of you now have me down as a miserable git and all-round killjoy, but sometimes I can be fun...no really...

Anyway, last night was my turn to help at Beavers (cue Patrick Stevens...), there was a lot of Fire-worky related activity and also blowing-up and letting go of different shape balloons, some span around like Catherine Wheels,and others were long sausage-shaped ones that flew forever around the room in that erratic way that only a sausage-shaped balloon can...behind radiators, under tables etc.
It was pure joy, simple pleasure of small kids a big hall and flying balloons. Stuff the computer age.

Also enjoyed a game of pea-footie on the hall floor!
Went to a posh wedding on Jersey once and us Essex boys introduced penny-up-the-wall (no, NOT Penny up the wall :blush:) to the more, should we say, sophisticated! The game was a huge success and there was a queue to join 'our' xx( gang'!

I tried to explain to a mate here about the great game of conkers, but he just wasn't interested. :biggrin::biggrin:


Sounds good :biggrin:.
I don't think you sound grumpy by the way, just normal(ish) :blush:

Simple pleasures are indeed just that, there's no great expectation or disappointment if things don't go to plan. There's no pre-conception of results or aims as they can be made up on the spot or altered in an instant to suit the mood or moment.

I remember reading a line somewhere, possibly on here, that you don't stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing.
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