Aldi - bargains!!!


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The jackets and shirts are good value and look pretty cool as well..if only they fitted a real hunk ;):smile::biggrin:...fingerless gloves are good as well...the track pumps looked week to me but for the cash whose complaining...was tempted by the compression underwear but again am to well hung large for that:ohmy:

The triathlon suits looked flimsy to me..lucky i dont do triathlon:laugh:


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I got a jersey, softcell jacket, mitts, sun glasses, socks and underwear. £46


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At my local Aldi, there were very few tops left (none my size) but any amount of gloves, undies, showerproof jackets, glasses and saddlebags. I got 2 pair of gloves, a few sets of undies, a saddlebag and a jacket. The white jackets have a worrying translucent, milky finish to them. Think of a condom with sleeves and you're pretty much there...


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I was in the Pelaw store early this morning on my way to work ... seven seater with five guys in it ... number of cars with ranging between four and two persons and four police officers.

I had to laugh too as they all made for the cycling gear, I myself only wanted two sets of the glasses (one pair as spare) but watching these guys in the small area grabbing one of them, two of them, another of them, then placing one item down for a hand to reach past and pick it up did make me chuckle.

Number of women too (must be with orders from their husbands / boyfriends) reading from a written down list of what to get.

Bargins you can't beat them ;)


Very few jackets and no tops left at mine.

Got myself one jacket, 2 pairs of gloves (mine just split anyway!) And a track pump (haven't got one).


I don't know if all Aldi stores do it but some years ago on a cycling promo Aldi refused to allow a man to buy a whole shopping trolly full of cycling gear at the checkout. They offered him 2 of everything he had, but he left with nothing complaining that Aldi were rascists. I think the rest of us in the queue applauding didn't help.


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Well the pump has managed to pump up a football and has coped with the Presta valves on my bike.

The gloves worked well on the trip back from Aldi (15 miles) as did the padded pants.

But the glasses appear to be built for people with very wide noses and there is no adjustment.

Ah well, they were only £3 I think.


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got two pairs of mitts; nothing else there that i really needed or didn't already have.

i was in the macc store and got chatting to a bloke who was looking at buying lots and was able to tell him all about the computer (i've got two of them). he ended up buying plenty of kit. apparently he's a mountain biker that's just bought a road bike.


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I've had my black and white gloves for God knows how long so it was time for a couple of new pairs.....

So i bought 3 pairs for me (light blue, black & red) and 2 pairs for the other half (dark blue & black)

A blue & white coloured cycle jacket (are they meant to be snug around the arms? small fits well every where but although still fits nicely around my arms, its skin tight. I tried on the medium and that was the same skin tight around my arms but all lose round the shoulders and really baggy every where else) how is it suppose to fit?

Bought two lots of glasses, one for me and one set for the other half and both are different styles, so he cant go nicking mine, lol

spent £37 i think...



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I got to my local shop at 9.05 and you couldn't get moved for cyclists.
I bought one set of glasses, one pair of gloves, one computer, two pairs of shorts, one short sleeved jersey, one saddle bag, one packaway jacket, Oh and two bunches of flowers for Mrs Robson. All for a wallet busting £52 :tongue:


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West Midlands
Got two track pumps (one each to keep at my workplaces), mitts, shorts and two water bottles + cages, all for £22.

I rely on Aldi and Lidl kit, it's generally pretty good quality and works well.


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The Mrs went for me, she got me some shorts, gloves and glasses, which are a godsend after getting a face full of flies the other day!

I think the stuff is very reasonable for what you pay.


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Went to the local this afternoon, not a lot left apart from vast amounts of gloves, bottles & track pumps. Managed to buy 2 shirts, 2 pairs of socks, shower/windproof jacket that packs up to an incredibly small size and a track pump. Short sleeved shirts with YKK zips and silicon grips on the hem for £6.99, a bargain, and if they last as well as some of the winter tops bought last year, no complaints. Track pump, pumps up well, we have one at work that has lasted for well over a year, Bargain again. For those asking about the glasses, I bought a pair last winter and if these are the same, they are hard to tell the difference between these and the DHB pair I bought from Wiggle for 7 x the price.:tongue:
I popped into the Exeter Aldi after lunch and there was plenty of kit left

I bought 2 tops, 1 jacket, 3 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of mits £42.00 :tongue:

i only went in for the bottles & cages but i did'nt like them



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Just bought the underwear, but white stitching makes it look a bit tacky. Be so easy to make the stuff look a bit more classy. The running underwear - all black - was better looking.
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