Aldi - bargains!!!


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Sent my girlfriend to pick up a mens tri suit or 2 for me as I couldnt go myself. Turned out they were 2 piece suits, so didnt purchase anything. Shame, I thought it was a real bargain to be had!


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I bought myself a couple of pairs of padded underwear haven't tried them yet but thought they would be ideal for commuting.


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redddraggon said:
So I guess Aldi stuff is pretty good, if you don't cycle much or hard.
I have £1000's worth of bikes, clothes, accessories, and also Aldi Liddle stuff as well. So both ends of the market.

Most of Aldi stuff is good fullstop



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Got some glasses as I am currently using some dark safety specs from work, which are functional rather than stylish. Wasn't prepared to spent £50 on some glasses just to be "in fashion". So these were spot on. Not sure that I will need the green / clear lenses at all. They seem good quality, and look better than my work specials.
Would have got some tops, but I wanted long sleeve ones and they only had short sleeve.
Would have quite liked a computer, but the stores round here (Grimsby, Gainsborough) didn't have any.


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I got a computer.
Has anyone else thought the instructions were a bit OTT. 2 sides of A2 with, on 1 side, 120 diagrams of what will be on the screen after you have pressed x, y or z. Instructions to go with them and 2 flow diagrams of what each of the 3 buttons does. It does have a lot of functions including temperature (max and min) of your ride today and calories burnt.
For the money a very comprehensive bit of kit but those instructions:rolleyes:.
I also got some more undies and compression underwear;). In case of accidents I was always told to have clean undies. Never understood his cos if you have an accident they won't be clean any more;).


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guitarpete247 said:
I got a computer.
Has anyone else thought the instructions were a bit OTT..
I've just bought a Revolution Country Traveller '10 from EBC, they didn't have the Cateye computer I wanted in stock, and I couldn't find it anywhere else (EBC said they'd fit it free even though it's not from their store), so had a look at the Aldi one: not wireless, but has all the functions I wanted (most don't), so I've got them to fit it!:laugh: No worrying about the intructions!:blush:
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