Aldi Rotary Shaver.......£19.99.....from Thursday


My rotary is due another set of new blades. From memory the last set cost well over £20.00.
The brand name is Visage.
At £20.00 for a complete new razor WITH A 3 YEAR WARRANTY is worth a punt.
Can only find one review and thats a decent one.

Got the Aldi wall mounted electric fire recently and for £50.00 I am well pleased.

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Interestingly, this is an area where the Chinese are becoming very active with Philishave and Braun copies appearing on eBay & Amazon for no money at all.

There's a genuine Braun in Argos at the mo for only £19 or so, too, which looks decent. Does it look like I've been looking for a new razor, too?
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Had the same shopping need recently but made do until Lidl did a Silvercrest own-brand one for £12 in July. Included:
3 yr warranty.
triple head (like Philishave)
Nostril hair ''ripper' attachment (untested!)
Beard trimmer adjustment (3-6mm)
Charging cradle takes microusb.

Barg. If it lasts. Receipt carefully filed.
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