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Bought myself a nice new Felt road bike off the internet a couple of months back and really enjoy it. The only slight niggle, which actually was starting to spoil my enjoyment of this fantastic machine, was a really annoying noise coming from the rear end. I tightened various things, made slight adjustments to the gears etc, but still the noise persisted. By a process of elimination I eventually decided it was the rear wheel that was causing the grief (it was a sound a bit like the derailleur cage was clipping the spokes, but only really seemed to happen when the drivetrain was under load). Having checked the spokes, I thought they were a little on the loose side, and the wheel was 2-3mm out of true. I rode the bike for a while to let the spokes "bed-in" and today took the wheels to the local bike shop to be sorted. The end result is, the bike is now beautifully silent and I have a big smile permanently on my face as I ride.

Looking forward to the 20 mile ride to the in-law's on Christmas Day now. Weather forecast is good, bike is sorted, life is good!

Merry Christmas fellow cyclists, and happy riding in 2015.


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Nice result..enjoy.
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