allen key bolts


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hi i am looking for new allen key bolts as my ones on my stem have become a bit rusty i coat them with vasiline at the start but it still came throygh i ask at my lbs for some but was told they dont sell them if anyone knows of a site where i could get some would they let me know ta very much:cheers:


I have used these for small quantities of stainless steel bolts and set screws. Their service is first class, efficient and quick.


Try a chandlers or boat builder. They use stainless fansteners on everything and obviously they have to put up with sea water so your bike is kid's stuff.

Try also Namrick, stainless fasteners are popular among the motorcycle fraternity for obvious reasons and Namrick supply to classic car/bike enthusiasts.

Bike shops want the earth for fasteners, it's daft.
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