Almost had a Jacomus RG moment

I almost had a Jacomus-rides-Gen moment tonight, if thats the correct term for it. Heading home tonight I was overtaken by a car which almost immediately turned right, pausing a few second of course to giveway of course, a second after it pulled right (a common manouvre at this point) I was in that sub 2m gap between the car and the kerb, plenty of room. The silver BMW behind got really frustrated however it had to brake for the car. And to make matters worse :biggrin: I was in that sub 2m gap so he couldn't accelerate off fast (hitting the car that was turning). So a second after the right turning car cleared, beeeeeeeep (I'm supposed to instantly disappear, did I miss an eee:biggrin:) from the BMW. It then proceeded to overtake and accelerate as fast as possible queue much wheel spin and shot off round the bend and down the hill. 2-3 minutes later I'm at the bottom of the said hill and approaching a roundabout and the car came flying out of another arm, it had took a wrong turning ? It shot round the roundabout again, I said to myself he is going to skid, he did :sad::evil: to my disgust he caught control and swerved off at the next exit (I so wanted him to get his comeuppance :biggrin::evil:) and into a dark lane just off it. There might be nothing in it but driving so erratically and diving into a dark lane made me think he was being chased, no sign of Police cars though but I reported it just in case they were looking for it, unfortunately I never got the reg:blush:.
Yikes! It looks like my run of three has moved on to you HLaB, be very careful out there!!
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