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I was looking at the short course route of the Pan Celtic Race and was thinking it would be an interesting base to start a Lejog route.

It would make it a bit longer than normal, but quite interesting, with the occasional "cruise" thrown in.

Has anyone else done this sort of thing?


Here for the ride.
I've certainly thought about it from time to time, never more than that.

When cycle touring was something I'd newly discovered, and the possibilities seemed endless, I remember discussing with like-minded people ideas for the "ultimate" Land's End to John o' Groats (we didn't abbreviate in those days) and coming up with something like this:


It remains an ambition, but it'll never happen...


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Here you go, @steveindenmark - about 1800km of which about 200 is on ferries (via Arran, Stranraer-Larne, Dublin-Holyhead and Rock-Padstow):
Thanks for this, I am sure I will find it useful.

Can you remember any parts that you would have changed or any parts that you certainly would not have missed.

I know that is a big ask but just a couple of suggestions would be welcome.

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any parts that you would have changed or any parts that you certainly would not have missed.
The three stretches that are highlights on this route (imo) are those from Newquay to (NW of) Taunton, the long distance in Wales from NW of the Black Mountains to Holyhead, and the Arran/Kintyre part (from Ardrossan to Corran ferry). I don't know the roads through Ireland to ride (have driven some of them) but otherwise I've ridden 90% of the rest of the route.
On my end-to-end I took the ferry across to Mull from Oban and then back to the mainland at Lochaline and up the west side of Loch Linnhe (but the route above takes the A82).
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