1. gavroche

    Just a question about LeJog which has bugged me for a while.

    Has anyone ever done it using no maps, no gps or any other electronic device but only a compass for direction ?
  2. Rob and Alison

    June 2021 LEJOG with Stig

    There. We've said it out loud now. It's ON! We have been thinking/planning for a while looking at different outline route options, duration and timings, also bearing in mind possible Covid scenarios. We are settled upon a three week trip in June next year. Using the Cycle.Travel easy east...
  3. CanucksTraveller

    2021 LEJOG plans?

    Forgive the new thread, it's not a direct question, just a musing really. I've loosely planned to do LEJOG in May 2021 for some time now, and even in May 2020 it looked nailed on that we'd be okay by then, but with the constant flux I'm starting to wonder. I'm planning regardless, and I'm...
  4. O

    Virtual LeJog

    I am thinking of producing cycling video file pairs (gpx + MP4) files of LeJog 960miles. The route will be split into 35 mile segments over 28 days. I will input the Cycling UK LeJog files into the Google API to produce a slow scan image file. The files can be played over BigRingVR. I am...
  5. nickyboy

    Nickyboy's 2020 LEJOG for Down's Syndrome Association

    With @I like Skol and a couple of friends Here is the link to my donation page which explains why DSA http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/NickLyth2 I should add that I'm paying for all my accommodation, meals, transport to/from so every penny goes to the DSA (less a couple of % to Virgin Money Giving)
  6. youngoldbloke

    RAB LEJOG on Ribble eroad bike

    Laura Laker takes a Ribble CGR Al-e on a spin from one end of the country to the other - experiences of Ride Across Britain on a Ribble e-road bike, with range extender battery. EBM system as used on Orbea Gain.
  7. StickyPTFE

    Deloitte Ride Accross Britain 2020

    I have bit the bullet and signed up for the Deloitte RAB. Lands End to John O’Grotes. 980 miles in 9 days. I have done a couple of century rides and several 70mi rides, but never on consecutive days. Has anybody else done this ride previous in years? Is anybody else signed up for this? Any...
  8. steveindenmark

    Richard Branson riding LEJOG on a Brompton.

    Richard Branson is currently in Wells.. I think.. on his 3rd day of his Lejog. He is riding a Brompton. No. Not THAT Richard Branson. Another one
  9. jay clock

    I am now hoping to finish LEJOG

    earlier in the year I did Lands End to John O'Groats (oops Inverness) and had to bail there due to hamstring problems Now off again Friday to finish it off www.acrossbritain.uk Wish me luck!
  10. steveindenmark

    Alternative LEJOG Route

    I was looking at the short course route of the Pan Celtic Race and was thinking it would be an interesting base to start a Lejog route. It would make it a bit longer than normal, but quite interesting, with the occasional "cruise" thrown in. Has anyone else done this sort of thing?
  11. nickyboy

    Comments on LEJOG 2020 draft route

    I'm planning a 2020 LEJOG with @I like Skol and a few others. As I've floated the idea, it falls to me to do the bulk of the planning including the route. We are all regular cyclists and, given where we live, quite used to hard days in the saddle. However, we want this to be an adventure and...
  12. S

    Lejog on a Spa Elan

    Hi im just wondering if any body out there has done any light touring on a spa Elan probably lejog. I like the look of this bike looks top value for money... Thanks
  13. bcabz


    Having recently become partially sighted (prob eventually blind) and depressed as s result I am looking for a focus and think LEJOG On SUSTRANS paths is the thing. I am a 53 year old couch potato, used to do a variety of spots. As I am partially sighted I need to do the largely traffic-free path...
  14. Grant Fondo

    LEJOG 81 Year Old Lady

    Good on her! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-48730994
  15. snorri

    LEJOG record attempt

    I hope I've posted this in the right place for most people, some might say it should be in the sport section. I've never been a cycle sport competitor or spectator but for some reason the LEJOG record breaking attempt by Michael Broadwith caught my imagination and one evening a year ago I cycled...
  16. nickg

    Lejog help

    Hi all, long time for me posting. But I'm considering taking on lejog in 2020. Now currently I have a cyclocross bike, merdian 500. I bought it 18mnths ago and done 50miles on it. So I'm thinking would you advise doing lejog o this bike with slick road tyres on or would it be better to get a...
  17. jay clock

    I am now booked in for LEJOG from 20 May

    re this previous posting, I am now going to be starting Monday 20th May. You can follow me here for my blogs including prep and kit list I haven't got the perfect route, but my brain will explode if I try to plot any further. Forecast for the next two weeks (covering my first week) is...
  18. Ming the Merciless

    LEJOG roads not to be missed

    I have started planning a LEJOG (or JOGLE not decided on direction yet) and am seeking out the quieter roads. Why plan a fast route when you can be on roads like the one I have found below (if you allow enough time)? What favourite roads would you have in your LEJOG? I am particuarly a fan...
  19. jay clock

    Who's doing LEJOG in 2019?

    Subject to work not being forthcoming I aim to set off from LE on Monday 20th May. Approx 16-18 days fully laden and aiming to camp or Warmshowers as much as possible. www.jmhr.com links to Crazy Guy and I will be blogging there once I am certain to be going. Route is essentially the Deloitte...
  20. Ajax Bay

    GB mainland Four Cardinal Points (LEJOG)

    Sparked by an enquiry from @Ice2911 I thought I'd share a planned route for the eponymous challenge - an end-to-end exagerated by visiting the most southerly, easterly, westerly and northerly points of the GB mainland en route. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26672556?beta=false LE, The Lizard...
  21. Angry Blonde

    June 8th 2019 is my departure date..couch to lejog

    Ive set my date in stone to do lejog, training starts from now, ive bought a scott mtb to do all my training on ,then im going to buy a road bike to do the actual lejog. Hopefully lose a bit weight in the process. I have set up a facebook page for the ride, plannin on 12 days, with a mixture of...
  22. Banjo

    86 year old doing LEJOG

    86 year old Laurence Brophy from Pencoed in South Wales is setting off today to do Lands End to J.O.G. He is quite an exceptional man who took up long distance running at 60 to keep fit. He plans to sleep rough when possible to save money. If successful he will be the oldest LEJOG rider...
  23. Ian H

    Broadwith's end-to-end attempt

    Michael Broadwith started at 8 this morning. At 21.30 he's over 300 miles and north of Kidderminster. About 40 mins up on schedule. Gethin Butler's record of 44hrs 4mins was set in 2001.
  24. S

    Shorter First Day Lejog

    We want to cut the first day shorter (concerned about the level of difficulty ) but are having trouble finding a place to stay overnight . Are there B&Bs or campgrounds in between King Harry Ferry and St. Austell? How hard is that first day fryom Land's End to Fowey?
  25. Brandane

    JoGLE complete at last!

    It's only taken me about 25 years but today I finally reached Land's End, having been to JoG in the early 90's.. Oh and I haven't been to either on a cycle. JoG was by car, and today I was at Land's End on my Honda motorbike having left home 4 days ago. Slow I know, but I've also done Snowdonia...
  26. U

    Imagine doing LEJOG up the A82 today

    View: https://twitter.com/BBCScotlandNews/status/984041401892720640
  27. Andy Morris

    LEJOG - Royston Wood - A Safer way

    In September 2016 after completing a London to Paris ride, on the Avenue Verte, self supported, I managed to inspire myself into wanting to complete a bigger challenge. Lands End to John O Groats took my attention- a 1000 mile ride across mainland Britain. Solo & self supported I followed a 10...
  28. derrick

    Lejog in 6 Days

    A friend of mine is doing this at the moment, started Sunday finishes Friday. I would not normally put something like this on here. But if anyone fancies chipping in i would really appreciate it. He is one o the good guys. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/bob-groves1?utm_source=Facebook
  29. HLaB


    Apologies if I missed it but I don't think there has been a thread about James MacDonald's record attempt on JOGLEJOG. Well I heard yesterday he did it subject to ratification and beat the record by 3hours finishing 5days 18hrs 3mins :becool: They've not updated the actual web site yet...
  30. dr_pink

    LEJOG record attempt - Jasmijn Muller

    Hi all Apologies if someone has already posted this (& apologies for not posting on here for a few years...!) A lovely friend of mine, Jasmijn Muller, has just announced the start time for her RRA and GWR LEJOG record attempt - 5 Sept 7am! You can dot watch her here...
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