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Having recently become partially sighted (prob eventually blind) and depressed as s result I am looking for a focus and think LEJOG On SUSTRANS paths is the thing.
I am a 53 year old couch potato, used to do a variety of spots. As I am partially sighted I need to do the largely traffic-free path route rather than road cycling.
I have s bike but it is unsuitable (v basic £90 Halfords mountain bike). Will need a better one.
Plan to start training in August 2019 for LEJOG in spring or autumn 2020.
I am off work so thinking could do it in 3-4 weeks and really enjoy it rather than 10-14 days!
I would loveto receive any and all advice on bike, kit, training, and all things traffic-free LEJOG!


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Let me say how sorry I am to hear of your problem and also how I admire you for your positive outlook. As for LEJOG in 3 to 4 weeks, my pal & I both finished it recently in 22 days and enjoyed it immensely, so go for it.
Many years ago, I knew a couple of guys on Teesside who were often seen out and about on a tandem. One of them only had one leg and he was the pilot so to speak, the other was almost totally blind and he was the engine.
Good Luck and have a great time.

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OP posted, returned the next day (2 July) and has not been back since (just as well as not much comment).
Hope the OP's preparation (for a spring/summer end-to-end) is on track and his sight is still good enough to prepare and ride.
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