Alternative to strava android app?


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Does anyone know of any good alternative to Strava Android app, that is accurate and can produce files to upload to Strava?

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I also use Locus and it's more accurate than Strava, and the auto start/stop actually works unlike a lot of other gps apps. The only down side is that it's uses up a lot of battery power.


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I use Sportypal as my tracking app, from the website you can simply download the gpx and upload it manually to Strava, pretty easy. It's a decent app in itself and the website is very good for analysing data if youre a numbers geek and I think its available for Android/WinMo/iPhones/Blackberry/Java so you can keep using it if you change phones. On the downside development seems slow and its pretty much the same app it was 2 years ago, possibly because they have to update 5 platforms and the website, but it means the likes of Endomondo have taken off much better.
I'm giving Locus a go, I exported a GPS and uploaded it to Strava, my average speed was 16.9 compared to 18.0 on Strava app, and some of the segments were higher avg on Locus and some high on Strava, is this to do with the tracking settings, such as minimum intervals and the fact I did not have auto pause on? Although Strava should automatically calculate that no?

Anyone know the best settings for track recording?


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Endomondo also works well
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