Altus M370 Front Derailleur replacement


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I have recently replaced most of my drivetrain (cassette, chain, chainset and bottom bracket), going for Alivio as an upgrade to the Altus on the bike (3 x 9 speed). Shifting is much improved but the front derailleur is past its sell by date - rusted limit screw heads and I've already had to free it up using white spirit, just generally not in good shape.

I'm totally bamboozled by the array of derailleurs out there, different swing (top / bottom / side), chain line etc. I've located the spec for my bike and it's an Altus M370 derailleur on there but not sure of anything else!

Does anyone know how I can determine the right derailleur? Will I need to replace the front shifter - it's fine but Altus.

Thanks, Paul.
What size are your three chainrings?
Is this bikebflat or drop-bar?
IME FDs are almost indestructible unless bent. Cable run is far more likely to cause problems than the mech itself.

Rather than white spirit, my suggestion would be unfasten cable, use something lubricating such as wd40 liberally and free up by moving repeatedly across the whole travel manually.

Then replace cable inners and outers.

Even if you buy a new one, the cable replacement will likely be needed for perfect performance.
44-32-22, it's flat bar
Thanks, Paul
In that case I'd personally put one of these on.
It is actually discontinued but it is quite easy on the bay to find lightly used ones.
Just check that it hasn't been used for lots of rough tough MTBing.
Many bits on the bay have of course been barely used.
You may even find a new or NOS one.
I think it a very good tough mech - tougher than many new ones.
I have put one on a build of mine, am about to put on another build, and it came supplied as new with my Hewitt tourer.
If interested, check that the one you find is for a triple and 9 speed - there are some close variants.
If you do go for one I'd be interested to hear how you get on.
Oh - it is bottom swing (no idea what your current one is) - some folk don't like then as the mounting position means it can interfere with bottle mounts but I have always found that easy to sort. It's also my understanding that the bottom swing "conventional" design is tougher than some tortured variants.
Bottom pull though I am pretty sure it can also be run as top pull.
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