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  1. Custom24

    Sram Rival Front Derailleur Keeps Failing - why?

    Hi I have a Planet X Rt-58D. Carbon frame with a Sram Rival groupset. It's 3 years old now with probably 15,000 miles. Chain and cassette are new (I think I am on my second or third cassette) - I've not changed the chain rings. I clean the drivetrain regularly with the Mickle method. The...
  2. ChrisPAmbulance

    Front Derailleur jumping from largest to smallest cog on triple chainset

    Hi All, I am riding a Ridgeback Voyage which has a triple chainset at the front. As part of a recent service at an LBS, they changed the cable which had become frayed. Unfortunately, as a result of this, they have introduced a fault whereby changing down from the largest ring, it jumps...
  3. K

    Front Derailleur Issues

    I have a Shimano 105 groupset and no matter how I adjust the front derailleur the chain still catches on the guard when in the smallest gear and on both big and small ring. If I manage to adjust it to stop the catching I lose the ability to choose the highest gear. It's almost as if there is...
  4. Kell

    Front derailleur on a Bromptopn

    I was having a chat the other day with one of the guys on my train that has a Birdy Folder. I was moaning about climbing the hill out the station and saying I might fit a smaller chainring (which I've done), and he said can't you fit a front derailleur and two chainrings? I did a quick search...
  5. P

    Front Derailleur Issues

    Hello I've been upgrading Shimano Revoshift to Tourney Thumbshift (SL-TX50) on my son's bike (Python Rock). Rear derailleur was really easy and no problem (and much improved shifting!) but front one is causing me a headache … The main issue I have is that the shifter "maxes out" half way round...
  6. Nibor

    Will a 3 speed shifter work with a 2 speed front derailleur / chainset

    I want to convert a 9 speed road bike to flat bars and have some 3 X 9 acera shifters. I wondered if they would work for a 2 speed front set up?
  7. Mike_P

    Front derailleur with wide throw

    Is there a front derailleur that will throw to a chainwheel around 50mm from the seat tube (or a way of adopting an existing one). I have fitted a bottom bracket motor to a hybrid and the supplied chainwheel is shaped to overcome the projection of the motor. Fitting a further chainwheel, the...
  8. Serge

    Bent front derailleur - advice.

    I managed to throw my chain today as is I simultaneously changed down and crashed over a giant pothole. The chain managed to get jammed against the frame as I layed on the power resulting in bending the front derailleur. I've spent about three hours this afternoon trying to get it straight and...
  9. X

    Shimano Sora R3000 double front derailleur (braze-on) (eBay)

    Shimano Sora FD-R3000 still for sale, still brand new with the chainring height guide sticker still on the cage. Bought with the intention of using it for a commuter build, but now surplus to requirements as have switched groupsets to Campagnolo. This is the new Sora front derailleur that will...
  10. Kernow_T

    Brand new:SRAM X7 2x10 front derailleur - £13 inc postage

    SRAM X7 Front Derailleur 2x10 Dual Pull Low Direct Mount 42T Max Brand new in (tatty) box
  11. goodgabba

    Beginner Gear Cable Questions

    Hi all. I just got a new (to me) Cyclocross bike and have some questions regarding gear cables, namely for the front derailleur. Do i need to by specific cables/housings for this bike or do they sell 'universal' ones? What's the plastic guard that routes the cables under the Bottom Bracket...
  12. R

    Brifter for front derailleur difficult to use

    Having searched for similar issues it seems this might be not a common issue but hope to get some help. Most people seem to have problems with small hands and braking but don't seem to mention shifting. I have Tiagra hydraulic 2 x 10 set up and have been trying to adjust to suit me but can't...
  13. Roadhump

    Problem with front derailleur / gear shifter

    Hoping someone can give some advice on the problem I am having with shifting between the 2 front rings on my Sirrus. The shifter was stiff but operating, but then the chain stopped moving to the big ring. The problem was fixed but returned after a few days. I then took the bike to the LBS for...
  14. nickAKA

    Tiagra 4700 front derailleur rub strip

    Hello folks, Had a bit of trouble with my front derailleur mainly down to abuse on uphill gear changes and I threw the chain off; suffered a bit of collateral damage by ripping the plastic 'rub strip' off the interior of the chain guide - would there be somewhere I could source spares for this...
  15. busdennis

    6800 front derailleur woes

    having problems with this new set up. The front derailleur cable is supposed to go over the peg at the bottom of the bolt and come up the out side of the same bolt. Cabling up this way results in almost no shifting with an high resistance on the shifter. Shifting is much better with the cable...
  16. chriscross1966

    35mm downtube shift adapters and front derailleur adapters

    Hi folks, I've seen plenty of adapter bosses to mount downtube shifters and braze-on front mechs on tubes up to 31.8mm, but does anyone do them for 35mm tubes?.. I'm not asking for a friend, I'm asking because I'm building a full-Campagnolo Brompton drop-bar, and I'd rather use clamp on bits...
  17. grellboy

    Removing rear derailleur - can front derailleur still function?

    Fixed my lad's bike multiple times but now rear derailleur is knackered - gone sort of saggy instead of being taut - so just wondered in the interim before replacing it - if I removed the rear d and then some links in the chain, would it still be possible to change through the three rings using...
  18. A

    Front Derailleur

    Hi, One of my bikes is a Giant Talon 4 2014 and my gears were playing up so decided to tune them. I have performed the front derailleur tuning on another bike okay but I cannot seem to get the front derailleur to tune in on this bike no matter what I try. Please help. Front derailleur is a...
  19. rrarider

    Thread on a Campag Gran Sport Front Derailleur?

    I have a mid 80s bike, fitted with a Gran Sport front derailleur. The screw connecting the two sides of the cage at the rear is stuck and the slotted head is damaged. I may not be able to free it without irreparably damaging it. Does anyone know what diameter and pitch the thread might be. The...
  20. G

    Ultegra front derailleur

    Hi folks just put a new Ultegra 6800 11 speed groupset on my Ribble r872. Was wondering is it inevitable that I will get a bit of chain rub at the extremes ie big chainring big rear sprocket, I'm also aware about cross chaining. What's your thoughts and can you trim the front derailleur to get...
  21. broady

    Front derailleur 8 speed

    I seem to have misplaced my front derailleur for the work bike! Anyone got a 8 speed double braze on or 34.9 band on (I think). Let me know if you have anything and how much you want for it. Cheers
  22. Berk on a Bike

    Pin thing in my front derailleur

    Yesterday, coming to the top of a hill I had to change down into the "help the aged" gear (small ring, biggest sprocket). When I did, I heard some almighty rattling and the chain seemed reluctant to engage. On inspection I found the chain to be really rubbing the inside of the derailleur cage...
  23. Cuchilo

    front derailleur ( Ultegra )

    The front derailleur on my giant trinity had started to rub on the big ring slightly . I took the bike into my giant shop and they sorted the problem but on my next ride it started doing it again after about a mile . The shop has said the plate is slightly bent and they will replace it under...
  24. cosmicbike

    Shimano Front Derailleur Compatability?

    Finally getting around to moving the Ultegra groupset off my RT-58 and onto the Roubaix. Aside from changing the chainset, the only other part which may need changing is the front derailleur. The RT-58 is a band on Ultegra item, whereas the Roubaix frame has a braze on mount, so I cannot simply...
  25. L

    Front derailleur fun

    What fun that was! My chain was slightly rubbing at one extreme of the gear set (I can't remember which end, I think the very lowest). So I looked on you tube for how to adjust it. Hours of absolute joyful entertainment :wacko: And it still rubs.......I have though, managed to get the set i use...
  26. greekonabike

    Front Derailleur Struggles To Shift To Smallest Chainring

    The rear derailleur on my bike seems to be set up perfectly but if I'm in a smaller cog on the rear cassette and the middle chainring the bike will struggle to go to the smaller chainring and I have to go one of the larger cogs in the cassette to get it to shift. What can I do to get it into the...
  27. Brand X

    Chain jumping straight from small to large chainring.

    Sorry, I know similar questions about derailleurs have been posted a million times, but I can't find a specific guide on how to fix this problem. I recently replaced the crank-set on my bike (it should fit, it was picked for me by a guy who knows what he is doing) but now I can't get the...
  28. dan_bo

    BNI(knackered)B Ultegra front derailleur

    6603 triple front mech. 31.8mm clamp. Box a bit cabbaged. Never been fitted. £22 posted in the uk.
  29. A

    Front derailleur headache

    Hi! I have a hybrid with a triple 48-38-28 crankset, 8 speed . This bicycle was working perfectly well and also well maintained. Suddenly the shifting of the front derailleur has gone bad. That is, it does not shift smoothly from the middle chain ring to the largest, there is a lot of noise and...
  30. Okeydokey

    Front derailleur choice

    My Raleigh Airlite 100 has had its front derailleur replaced by a previous owner. The front derailleur is controlled by a paddle that has two settings Hi & Lo, but the derailleur currently in place seems made for three rings... so having now changed one of the chainrings things have started to...
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