Am I a Wrong'un?

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Bromley, Kent
Got in last night around 10ish, Saw my new bike boxed in the front room, proceded to build it.

But Am I wrong to want to go out late at night to try it out?
yes, i would have just slept next to it till the morning!


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South Beds.
If you have lights then no probs.
I got my new Felt road bike last night.
I spent the evening putting on the pedals, ajdusting them for their tension, adjust the cleats on my new shoes and setting up the saddle and seatpost position. I watched the footy on SKY and had dinner.....the bike can wait until the weekend.


hmmm... tricky one.

Maybe it depends on:
1) your (human) relationship status and the nature of that relationship :sad:
2) the size of your house (could always try it out inside first !!) :smile:
3) the area you live
4) how much you allow the "inner child" to influence your life xx(
5) how much sleep you need

I just wish:
1) I had the new bike :eek:
2) I still had the enthusiasm and joie de vivre that you obviously have :smile:

On balance, I would say NO, you are not wrong.
Just youthfully exuberant :smile:

(sighs) ah, yes, I can almost remember those days ......


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Bromley, Kent
I don't have adiquate lights indoors (no Batteries) so it would have been Dark either way.
I am going to leave it till the weekend, and pray it doesn't rain


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Would have built it up and been away down the road on it no matter what time of night it was, my Missus knows am bike nuts no kids at home to disturb. Would have been quiet going out for the neigbours.

There is no way I could have gone to bed peacefully without riding it.

But I am a Big Kid who still has to have Xmas presents hidden to stop me poking my nose in early.
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