Am I too old?


Am I too old (at 43) to start time trialing?

I only use my bike for commuting at the moment. I did a couple of long distance rides (80 and 90 miles) last year and did the C2C route several years ago.

I have a Giant Cypress hybrid and a Surly Crosscheck road bike. I cannot afford a new machine ;)

Any advice welcome!


Why? There are veterans racing who are much older than you.


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Somebody has to come last so you'll either be doing a favour for the current tail end charlie or you'll give yourself a pleasant surprise. Either way I can't see it does any harm, you don't want to be a few years down the road wishing you'd given it a go.


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use the road bike, pump up the tyres, if you enjoy it buy some clip on time trial bars and off you go :biggrin:

People will only applaud you for doing it, and you are only racing your own time. Beware of the addiction though :laugh:


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No. I started at 37. Before that the only riding I was doing was commuting, and I didn't own a proper road bike (I had two folders and an MTB, I entered my first on a flat-barred Airnimal Joey).

Five years ago, I'm just starting to get somewhere with it now.

You should be flying at 50.


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No.I'm planning to have a go at 47. Have been on the local club ten mile course by myself on my road bike to see how I fared and was eight mins off the best pace guy who rides a full carbon tt bike with all the aero gear. Quite pleased with that till I noticed that all the ladies, and all the juniors were inside my time... Ah well practice practice eh?


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I did my first last week (I'm 41 in three weeks). I came second to last:biggrin:. There were much older and much younger than me beat my time, but I wasn't racing them, just the clock. Did my second TT yesterday and beat last weeks time. Two weeks and two personal bests. How good is that!

Do it and enjoy it for what it is, a bit of fun.

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What does 'too old' mean? Worn out? Senile?
If you're still up for a challenge that involves being out of breath and a little cross-eyed with the effort, then go for it.


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No way at 43. I'm 48 and am a very keen TT-er. I didn't even start cycling at all (apart from popping to the pub) until I was 42!

I've been racing for about 3 years now and I'm getting faster every year :smile:
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