Am I TT ready ???


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I don't really want to do a Club 10 TT until I can break even (29 minutes 59 seconds) I also really want to do one at the same time but I also don't want to be last. The slowest time posted was 36 odd minutes by a lady junior which was an inprovement of 39 minutes the previous week.

I will describe my commute route as a performance bench mark as I am using this a training route for the 10

I have a little loop of 7.1 miles

My commute description is thus
Out of the station Turn L I have to go through a set of lights and a further temporary set of lights. Slight up hill them I am on country lanes turn left then the road has about six or seven 90 degree corners. I have a couple of small inclines a short (150m) sharp down hill section over a roundabout further left then the road inclines its not a hill but it is up hill iof you get what I mean then I am in my town. over r/bout Turn right
to bottom left turn right turn through a short alley left, right then home.

I measure this as follows
Note time at start of journey (i.e. foot on pedal ready to push off) this was 6:59:00 commute as described above and I finish when I pull up on drive 7:23:40

So 24 mins 40 seconds and 7.1 miles giving me an average of 17.46 (7.1 / 24.40*60) = 17.46 average

If I could manage that over the ten miles not only do I have 2.5 mph to go before break even it would also give me a time of 35 minutes and put me more or less last and although I had a bit left in the tank I was quite puffed at the end of it !!!!

I have been riding a year with a 2 month break over winter


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Give it a go - you can then use it as a benchmark to improve.

I keep thinking I'd like to try it.. but suspect I never will. This way I can live vicariously through others who are actually doing them! :smile::biggrin:


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Can you ride 10 miles without getting off?
Do you want to ride a 10 mile TT?

If the answers are 'yes' then you are ready to ride a 10 mile TT. Simples.

Clubs will welcome you with open arms.

Bite the bullet, tell yourself that you'll be last and if you're not then it's a bonus.

Let us know how you get on.

The longer you put it off, the more you'll regret not joining sooner when you eventually do. :smile:


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I took Brahan's advice! Well half of it, I applied a club, now awaiting my return to UK to race! Just give it a go!

Commute routes are a near useless way to gauge your potential race performance, in a TT you wont hit lights, you wont be slowing and accelerating all the time (i.e. wasting energy), you will be high as a kite on adrenaline, you will have other riders there to encourage you and give you tips and advice for future performances.


the adrenaline of the race will add a couple of miles an hour to your avarage.

Give it a go you will love it ( after the pain of the race has faded )!

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I've also been curious about TT's for a while, but don't want to make a berk of myself/come dead last etc at a club.

My compromise was to find out my local clubs' course and have a go on my own on a quiet weekday morning with no one looking.

I recce'd the course in the car & found the start/finish paintmarks on the road then went home and got the bike.

I rode 11 miles to the start line, took a big swig of water, reset the cateye and went for it.

29 mins 42 secs later I finished - almost puking at the finish line !

I rode the 11 miles home (slowly!) elated that I'd broke 30 mins

then....checking the standards on the VTTA site for my age (48), I was brought crashing back down to appears my time was ok..for a 67 year old!

seriously though, have a go, At least you can say you've got a TT PB time if anyone asks



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It takes a bit of practice riding a TT.... I was actually just as fast at 25 miles than 10... get that...

Plan some club 10's this year to give myself a check, having not raced for over 10 years........oh and 40 years now a Vet..........OMG........


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I've done three, over the last 6 weeks or so, all 25 miles - not done a 10 yet.

Agree with the comments above - only way to find out how you go is to try one. The not stopping bit makes it very different from commuting or even a normal fast ride. I've tweaked my bike and feel it is better set up for me now. This is really important, but after the second one, my back was really stiff. I had to flop in the grass for 10 minutes before I could walk!

Each one I've done has been a personal best, and I am homing in on 1:15, which is my initial goal. I've got another one this Sunday and I might just do it!

I've found that I've enjoyed them, after the first 6 or 7 miles, which have been hard work. I've finished them all quite knackered but happy!


I have only ever done one TT, the club 9 mile a couple of weeks ago. My usual riding is steady paced (I did a bit of audax a few years ago but now tend to not have time or the inclination).

So I did not think I'd really enjoy TT, but thought I'd give it a go just to see...

I loved it, every second of it. It was painful, I almost threw up a few times, I got passed by 3 people..only beat 2 others....but I loved it. Can't wait til my first 10 a week on Wednesday.

I loved it so much I have just bought a TT bike :smile::biggrin: And I am a tight git...


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Of course you're ready - time trialling is about testing yourself more than anything...beating your previous week's time!

One piece of advice is turn up to a club TT early and try to be one of the first starters. In all likelihood you'll be passed by a fast rider, but it means the timekeepers don't have to wait around if you cross the line last. You can also watch the others come in and ogle TT kit!


a question for those in the know, on a 10 mile TT, what percentage time difference is made by a TT bike over a standard drop bar bike given the same rider?


Will1985 said:
Of course you're ready - time trialling is about testing yourself more than anything...

I think that's what appealed so much to me. Audax is/was a distance challenge for me, TT will be a speed/effort challenge.


frank9755 said:
Me too - my secret weapon to get another PB this Sunday!

What did you get?

Mine is gonna take quite a while to arrive :laugh: but it'll give me time to practice :blush:

And I can honestly say that the TT adverts/promotions in cycling mags and being in a club which allows you to try different things have been instrumental in getting this old plodder interested in doing something different.
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