An Appeal

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by cookiemonster, 19 Aug 2007.

  1. cookiemonster

    cookiemonster Guru

    Hong Kong
    Has anyone got any frozen peas as I have had a 3 hour Thai Boxing session today and I'm a bit battered and bruised.

    I've ran out of ice cubes.

  2. buggi

    buggi Bird Saviour

    yea, but i don't think they will be that frozen by the time they get to you.
  3. chris42

    chris42 New Member

    Deal, Kent
    stick a damp tea towel in the freezer for an hour?
  4. col

    col Veteran

    A long soak in a cold bath will do the trick.
  5. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd Miserable Old Bar Steward

    How can you get battered and bruised putting ties in boxes FFS ?
  6. Maggot

    Maggot Guest

    Just get a grip FFS. I thought you Thai boxers were supposed to be hard, you great jessy, blimey, in my day blah blah blah blah:thumbsup:
  7. yenrod

    yenrod Guest

    Be a man...
  8. Noodley

    Noodley Guest

    Isn't Thai Boxing where you bitch slap each other for a while then put on dresses and sit around in bars conning old sweaty men out of drinks?

    <I didn't say that, it wasnae me - honest! :blush:>
  9. Keith Oates

    Keith Oates Janner

    Penarth, Wales
    If you're that bruised I'd guess that the session didn't go to well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Mr Phoebus

    Mr Phoebus New Member

    Would that be Tesco value brand or M&S frozen peas? Or aren't you fussy?
  11. Melvil

    Melvil Guest

    Is this the same thai boxing where you rub bamboo up and down your shins until all the nerve endings are gone and you can't feel anything?

    If that's the case, just rub the bamboo wherever you're currently in pain and....hey presto!
  12. trustysteed

    trustysteed Guest

    or are you just telling us you do thai boxing in the hope we'll be impressed?
  13. Mr Phoebus

    Mr Phoebus New Member

    IIRC, Cookie has won a European title? :blush:
    I'm sure he'll clarify what title(s) he's won in his sport.
  14. col

    col Veteran

    IIRC, Cookie has won a European title? :blush:
    I'm sure he'll clarify what title(s) he's won in his sport.[/QUOTE]

    Well i have to say i am impressed,its one of the,if not the hardest sport to do well in:becool:
  15. OP

    cookiemonster Guru

    Hong Kong
    The Tea towel in the freezer done the trick, thanks, and, no, I'm not fussy over what type of Frozen peas :blush:

    To answer Mr Phoebus, I won a European title last year, in France, but came 2nd in my defence of that this year in Hamburg.

    The session last weekend didn't go quite according to plan but, hey, it happens. It was a coaching session to introduce some new techniques as my club has a competition in Bangkok in December.
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