An idle moment surfing...


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And? :biggrin:


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Man surfs web
Man see's girl
Man gets stiffy, go's to toilet, come back and tells pals on cycling forum.
Is it art or porn, that is the question. Now available as a topic on a forum near you...

Remind me to post some of the photographs I took of many models when I did the freelance work. Front page and centre fold ;) :laugh: :biggrin:


If you call that porn, you have led a very sheltered life. You see more skin in the average daily newspaper or lingerie advert.
spandex said:
By the sounds of it you have my dear LOLT but with some interesing bits buy the sound of it.

Tell us more or show us?

I assume you want me to post some of the models... I need to scan them, then put them on photbucket... Some day I will... Some day... * Sups tea and ponders on days gone when eye sight was good enough to take profesional photographs *


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Don't be taken in by the innocence of his countenance, there is a whole new world of vice and corruption lurking beneath the friendly tea brewers exterior.
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