An Open e-mail to Halfords head office

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Elmer Fudd, 3 Sep 2007.

  1. Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd Miserable Old Bar Steward

    An Open e-mail to H******s head office

    Mister Pished off of Durham
    Thank God for LBS's
  2. OP
    Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd Miserable Old Bar Steward

    Yeah it has MrP. Lets just say if I ever move back to Redditch, I don't think I'll be on their 'headhunt' list !! :ohmy:.
    Oh, they got the bikes off their own backs, wish I'd have known as I could have gave a bit of my (minimalist) knowledge before they went shopping, but I honestly don't know what the LBS situation is in (washes mouth out as I type this!) Wales.

    (B.T.W. she is 21 in Dec, and slightly autistic, but a lovely girl)
  3. alecstilleyedye

    alecstilleyedye nothing in moderation Moderator

    funny isn't it? my carrera virtuoso had little other than the usual teething problems (indexing etc), wheras daughter's apollo fs24 had badly routed brake cables (front brake engaged when bars turned to right), a front mech grip shift that can't be used by a child of the right size for the bike, and a tyre the wrong way round.

    all from the same branch. my lbs has had more money from me out of the carrera than halfords since.
  4. Bigtallfatbloke

    Bigtallfatbloke New Member

    I dont think it's acase of you get what you pay for. It was a childs bike sold for riding by a child. That implies safty may not be the best bike in the world but it HAS to be safe otherwise it is not fit for purpose. Halfords should replace the bike with a safe one immediatly.
  5. Pete

    Pete Guest

    A colleague of mine bought a children's bike for her daughter, aged 7. Knowing of my 'reputation' :ohmy::blush::biggrin:, she brought it into the office and asked me to 'have a look' before she took it home.

    Both brakes were inoperative.

    I discussed with her whether she should take it back, but we concluded 'what's the use?'. I adjusted the brakes as best I could, so that they offered some sort of braking power, good enough for a child I decided. Perhaps I'm guilty of letting H***ords get away with selling a potentially dangerous product. If another parent bought a similar bike for their child, in a similar condition, and the child was killed or injured, would I have this on my conscience? I just hope that it was a one-off and nothing like that happened.

    Personally, I'd say H***ords are OK for consumables like tubes, I often go there for convenience. I wouldn't have one or their bikes, but perhaps if they are bought cheap enough, and the purchaser knows a competent mechanic to make it really roadworthy (not that I'm describing myself as all that 'competent' a mechanic, mind, but I do know the basics...), perhaps you could end up with a serviceable machine at a reasonable cost. They are, after all, cheap.
  6. barq

    barq Senior Member

    Birmingham, UK
    Oh that's not good. :ohmy: I hope you at least get the bike sorted for free and a sincere apology.

    The cable actually snapping is amazing. I've heard of the moulded ends pulling off, but snapping isn't good at all. If you ever get a chance to look at the cable yourself, I'd be fascinated to know more about how it failed or see a photo.

    Anyway, most important thing is your step-daughter wasn't hurt. Good luck getting things resolved.
  7. stevenb

    stevenb New Member

    South Beds.
    Thats very scary really. I would not give my bike to a Halfords bike mechanic. I have seen too many horror stories.
    Even Evans failed to setup my gears and brakes correctly when I had my Bianchi Racer....I soon sorted that.
    LBS's are great for their expertise. My LBS has had my custom since I was first into cycling....about 1990.

    Lets hope that Halfords get that bike sorted with new parts or a replacement bike!
  8. OP
    Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd Miserable Old Bar Steward

    I'm working on the principle, as I have to as I haven't seen the bike, that the rear outer casing had been cut to length but one of the end cuts (probably both!) had not been cleaned up / rounded out / smoothed as it should have been.

    Nic, although 21 has a mental age of 16 which is fast catching up now with her real age, but you can imagine the grief her mom has been through (and given me !!) when her daughter is 300 miles away (that's just a guess by the way, but it aint round the corner !) and could possibly been involved in a serious RTA.

    Had an automated response from Halfords re e-mail, I'll update as I know more.
  9. Nortones2

    Nortones2 Veteran

    I've never bought a bike from Halfords, but when I had a child seat "fitted" in a car I found, after a long conversation: 1. the mechs on the car side were all nominally 'self employed' 2. they had little or no training in fitting child seats 3. they couldn't even service a car properly (another story) 4. if you expect them to know or care about bikes, out of the mainstream of their car focus, you are mistaken.
  10. Intelligenthamster

    Intelligenthamster Über Member

    On the Wheel
    I'm just bringing a long-running complaint to a conclusion. I won't mention store concerned as it is not yet over with, and even posting on a forum can prejudice cases if they are identifiable...

    Been in touch with Office of Fair Trading about it, and any item sold has to be fit for purpose. A bicycle with brakes that do not work is surely unfit for purpose even if it is a child's bike, and although I don't know for certain there must be legal standards??

    There's a useful website run by the OFT and also a helpline, Consumer Direct (a sort of centralised Trading Standards). I'd try them, they were very helpful. It did actually come in my case to considering the Small Claims Court, investigating this it was not too costly even for me, and the serious threat of using it alone brought results from my adversary- a very large company.

    All the above is offered in good faith, I am sure Patrick will correct any errors :ohmy:.
  11. barq

    barq Senior Member

    Birmingham, UK
    Yep, it's odd the way these things work out. And a real pity because, as you and a few other people have rightly pointed out, many of the Carreras aren't bad and offer good value.

    I guess what happens with these chains (and my experience comes from the Dixons group in the late 90s) is many staff aren't well trained or motivated. As long as the company muddles by and makes money, people at the top don't want to invest in staff. Likewise many staff just want a shop job and have no real interest in what they are selling. There are genuinely good staff who tend to be the enthusiasts, but you never know what you are going to get when you walk through the door.

    Where the comparison with Dixons breaks down is that some of the bikes we are talking about are dangerous. I think it says a lot about the regard that cycling is held that safety critical things are treated casually "because its just a bike".
  12. yenrod

    yenrod Guest

    Someone I knew once took these to court as the bike he bought form them kept going wrong - he ended up with a new bike after going to court (which they never turned upto)...
  13. johnr

    johnr Über Member

    Anyone tried one of their Broadman bikes? Spec looks great for the price, but as they're being sold by a bunch of pirates, who knows?
  14. Keith Oates

    Keith Oates Janner

    Penarth, Wales
    I also thought that Boardman could have found a different way of entering the 'bike maker' market, it won't be a good advert for is bikes!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. OP
    Elmer Fudd

    Elmer Fudd Miserable Old Bar Steward

    I will just add that I do use H******s quite a bit as a car consumer of bits n bobs, but tend to buy the said bits n bobs off the shop on local industrial estate as far cheaper. The staff (to me) always seem to be as helpful as they can and if they don't know, they go and find "old Fred" who's been there since before my Granny learned to suck eggs. But the bike dept. leaves a lot to be desired.
    Head Office is in Redditch, they have a superstore in Redditch, they sell bikes and accessories in the Reddditch superstore, so, when you go there on your bike you have to lock your bike to the fence as there are no security points. Come on Halfords, stop scratching your arse with your left hand and picking your nose with your right, if you was doing it properly I wouldn't be nipping up to Bobs' in Headless Cross where I'm allowed to stick me bike inside the door when I need a new tube.
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