An unusual way to get your car fixed


I've been having issues with an air bag problem now for many weeks resulting in the warning light randomly coming on. Reading a fault code meter it was tracked down to a faulty passenger side impact sensor. There extortionately priced new so I went on the hunt for a good second hand one. Easier said than done, as there like hens teeth for my aging car. After having a chat with a guy who specialises with my car, he said he had a good second hand one and duly arranged to meet him to buy it. As well a keen enthusiast who knows his way around my car, he's also a keen pilot. Today he was out flying towing gliders into the sky and that's where we arranged to meet. When I arrived he was busy taking gliders up into the Welsh sky's. I was watching as he returned to hitch up glider after glider until in the end it was time to take a break. Landing his plane he jumped out and started checking my old car over. His enthusiasm for getting to the bottom of problem was second to none. A quick scan revealed it was the airbag sensor and got stuck into replacing it.
After 45 minutes of stripping the seat's and carpet out it was all sorted. I can honestly say I've never experienced before, someone landing a plane to come and fix my car. Quite an unusual day indeed and very enjoyable one too.


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Flying Mechanic?
Gets to places other vehicle rescue services can't.


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They have the Flying Doctor, in Australia
Maybe they also have Flying Mechanics too, over there?

I know an A&E Consultant who goes gliding, & I think he's dealt (or is dealing) with medical issues at the clubhouse/air-strip, before the Ambulance arrives
They use to in the late 70s small aircraft landing on dirt roads between Alice springs and Darwin
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