1. robgul

    Claud Butler 531 framed fixie - with 3 speed fixed hub

    Frame is vintage 1982-ish, c58cm, 531 tubing no dents or dings - has been powder-coated orange with genuine 531 decals etc. 700c wheels, 2 brakes with aero (cable under tape) levers, 165 cranks, SPD pedals, Specialized BG saddle. Has a Sturmey Archer 3 speed FIXED hub with bar end changer...
  2. fossala

    New fixed ride

    Picked this up the other day to do LEJOGLE in 7 days. Did a 100mile ride yesterday and have a 200k DIY set up for tomorrow. First carbon bike and really stiff and comfortable. I have some parts being delivered for a carbon wheelset I'm building. Mack/lightbicycle 50mm/cx-ray.
  3. Shaun

    Chrome browser slow logout issue - temporarily fixed

    I've put a temporary fix in place that should get rid of the slow/no logout issue for anyone using the Chrome browser. Cheers, Shaun
  4. biggs682

    R.E.W Reynolds Winter Fixed

    My 2nd winter bike is ready it's been loitering in the garage for a while now for various reasons , but i decided a couple of weeks ago that this would be another one of my winter road bike fleet . Again running 48 x 18 fixed gear on...
  5. silva

    Fixed gear / drivetrain wear distribution

    I've read that people swap cheaper parts in order to make more expensive parts wear slower, ex "rotating" 3 chains on a single chainring so that the single chainring lasts longer. The rear cog I use has a "lifetime guarantee" on condition that it is flipped every X miles (of course this...
  6. biggs682

    My winter fixed Dunelt is ready

    Just finished converting this Dunelt returns to a fixed gear ready for my 2019 winter road bike fleet .
  7. wotsthat

    my first fixed

    Had a beauty of a fixed made for me several years ago .Must say took me a while to get used to and then one day was out and on turning right at a busy junction sadly couldn't get my foot out of the spd - There was me lying in the middle of the road - back to rat traps for me
  8. M

    Thanks to folk who helped me get my trike fixed

    Thanks to all those involved with helping me to get my trike back on the road My wheels were silver but now all of em are black .... nice. This came today
  9. fossala

    Planning out my fixed SR

    OK, booked my travel and stay for the 200k and the travel for my 300k. This is for riding a fixed SR. Now trying to figure out what rides my 400k and 600k will be. May thoughts are 200k - Mad March, A river too far, Exeter - 10/3 300k - Bill's Easton Connection, Bristol - 6/4 400k - The...
  10. fossala

    Improving fixed cadence

    I seem to be spinning out each day at around 160rpm on my commute. I want to increase to push my maximum speed downhill. Any tips on how to get faster, my main problem is smoothness once around 150-160rpm?
  11. fossala

    First fixed century in the morning

    I'm setting off on my first 100mile ride on a fixed in the morning, just over 7000ft of climbing. I'm used to doing 100milers but not on a fixed, the most I've done so far is just over 60miles. This is in prep for me trying to complete a fixed Audax SR this year. Wish me luck...
  12. fossala

    New Bob Jackson

    Built this up over the last month. Frameset only took 3 weeks to arrive. Done around 120miles on it so far, takes on the Cornish hills quite well.

    Wanted Fixed Wheel upright Trike

    Wanted 56 cm 1 Wheel Drive Trike or Frame. Must have an eccentric BB boss to facilitate Fixed Wheel chain adjustment
  14. Spiderweb

    New to Fixed wheel

    I’ve just bought a second hand Giant Bowery fixed/single speed (flip flop hub) bike and was looking for any advice/ tips on riding the bike, I’ve never ridden fixed but always wanted to give it a go. Also any opinions on the bike itself, anyone ridden a Bowery? Thanks all in advance. Edit - the...
  15. Rockn Robin

    Fixed Geared Bikes

    I've often wondered what it would be like to ride a fixed gear bike. The gear that it's fixed in, would it be comparable to, say, the third gear on a 3-speed Sturmey Archer, for example. Can you change it to a geared bike by adding a cassette, or is the rear forks too narrow at the bottom?
  16. M

    cateye rubber mounts - convert to fixed?

    I bought a cateye 400xc which fits ok on my brompton M handlebars and can stay in place during a fold. But the default rubber strap is useless. Maybe its the roads I ride on, or the smaller wheels and lack of suspension - but within a few minutes its pointing at the floor. Is it possible to get...
  17. ChrisEyles

    1960s BSA Goldcrest Fixed Gear

    I'm looking to sell my 1960s BSA Goldcrest, on which I completed a fixed gear conversion last Summer. 57cm frame (22.5"), I am 5'9" and it fits me nicely with the saddle to bar drop pictured. There's definitely plenty of room to drop the saddle for shorter riders, much taller and it will be a...
  18. Rupie

    Bike spraying

    Evening, Just acquired an old steel fixie, from a friend. Its not a specific brand or model but the paint is in a sorry state. I thought of respraying it and changing the colour from a bad red to something more relaxed and lighter. The taking it apart bit isn't hard but not sure of the...
  19. cosmicbike

    PF30 Bottom Bracket Squeak Fixed

    The PF30 on my Boardman CX Team has been annoying me for the last 2786 miles, creaking like a whatsit. The original lasted 7000 miles before rusty balls destroyed it, and since fitting, and refitting, and refitting again, I have never been able to get the new one to run quietly. After some...
  20. Dave7

    Fixed wheel/gears.........why ??

    OOPS.......just realised there is a specific section for fixies. Mods feel free to move or eliminate this. Serious question. Feel free to answer whether you or for or against but I am really interested in knowing WHY. The only one I ever tried was 50 years ago.........that one didn't allow you...
  21. 3narf

    I'm going to have to get my head around fixed

    I want to do a track taster this year but I'm hopeless at riding fixed. I'm spoilt by years and thousands of miles riding freewheel singlespeed (vastly superior) and every time I ride fixed I stop pedalling at some point and almost get thrown down the road. Should I persevere with SPDs or try...
  22. clid61

    sussex fixed to the sea

    someone posted ages ago a video of some riders racing to the sea , love to find it again
  23. jongooligan

    New fixed for creaky old git

    My current fixed wheel bike is a Bianchi Pista. It has very steep frame angles, is made of chromoly steel and has 25mm tyres running at 105 psi (rear) & 95 psi (front). I've had it years but it's becoming increasingly uncomfortable for me as I get older. I've made some adjustments such as...
  24. B

    Turbo Trainer - Roller Type vs Directly Fixed

    Fed up of the weather already, plus want to get back into it after injury, so toying with using a Turbo. Just interested in the differences between the type where you use the wheel to turn a roller and the type where you remove the wheel and connect to a cassette fixed directly to the trainer...
  25. C

    A thread for garmin problems you've fixed

    Perhaps it can develop into a useful resource for those of us with Garmins, so would prefer it not to descend into a garmin vs.....whatever thread. So far Garmin support has not managed to solve a single issue I've had, so here are the problems I've solved myself. This is for an Edge810...
  26. Pale Rider

    Charlie Alliston case - fixie rider accused of causing pedestrian death

    A cyclist has been charged following a fatal collision with a pedestrian. Details are scant, but it appears Charlie Alliston hit Kim Briggs as she used a pedestrian crossing in Old Street, central London. Ms Briggs died 'about a week later' in hospital. The charge 'causing bodily harm by...
  27. Tin Pot

    Fixed penalty notice for little girl selling lemonade Four enforcement officers take down illegal street vendor! Twats.
  28. TreeHuggery

    Fixed or Single Speed or Geared for commuting?

    Ok need some help I've always rode a geared bike but quite like the look of the fixed or single speed bikes. Would they be any use for commuting? (It's hilly but not ridiculously hilly) Any advice welcome also can use you use clips with them? TIA
  29. Alan O

    Fixed wheel Falcon

    I promised myself that if I completed the Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool 100 I'd reward myself with a fixed wheel build. And being an optimist I picked up this Falcon Cotswold frame a few months ago... It's in pretty nice condition and cost £40, which seems reasonable. I think the "Elswick...
  30. Bimble

    Is riding fixed gear as hard as I imagine it to be? What about fast descents?

    I've been on a few group rides where one or more people have turned up on a fixed-gear bike. I've admired the simplicity of the set-up and how they've just plugged along without a care, even up, over, and down hills, and I've always imagined that such a bike would be hard to control on a steep...
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