1. Tail End Charlie

    SOLD - XL fixed gear Pompino for sale.

    XL size (so for riders around 6' I'd suggest), Pompino from Planet X. Rear hub is 120mm, 1/8" chain. Upgraded Tektro canti brakes, 28mm Continental Four Season tyres, Shimano dynohub, IQ Cyo front light, Surly Tuggnut on the rear and quick release fixings on the mudguards make puncture repair...
  2. All uphill

    SA freewheel and fixed gear 20 teeth. £18 the pair posted to UK

    Sturmey-Archer freewheel and unbranded fixed gear with locking. Approximately 200 miles use each. Each with 20 teeth. £18 posted to mainland UK.
  3. SpokeyDokey

    Fixed Rate Savings

    Steadily moving upwards (at last) but probably more to come as Base Rate rises to tackle inflation:
  4. SpokeyDokey

    Oct (ok it's tomorrow!) fixed savings rates.

    A step in the right direction for savers with these fixed rate bonds: Via A J Bell... 3 year fixed 1.77% 2 year fixed 1.70% 18 months fixed 1.50% Etc. Some are Sharia a/c's (no problem, we have a decent stash in Sharia a/c's and ours are FSCS protected - always check though). If you can...
  5. johnnyb47

    An unusual way to get your car fixed

    Hi, I've been having issues with an air bag problem now for many weeks resulting in the warning light randomly coming on. Reading a fault code meter it was tracked down to a faulty passenger side impact sensor. There extortionately priced new so I went on the hunt for a good second hand one...
  6. Boon 51

    Double Fixed Wheel.

    Hi Guys.. I have just got myself a Specialized Langster and want to change the rear sprockets. Now I have seen a fixed/ freewheel wheel with the two sprockets on the same side. ( two one side and none the other) but can't find them anywhere so can anyone help in there location. Cheers.
  7. Teamfixed

    New (old) fixed build!

    Fancied a no frills fixed jobbie. The other fixed is a Gillot frame (now) with a 72" gear while this one is 68. Wanted decent wheels and brakes on an ok frame.... So this is the outcome, all used/kind donations/hand downs apart from new mudguards, chain and sprocket. The frame is plain gauge 531...
  8. jann71

    Sold - Specialized Langster - Special Edition - 49cm

    Specialized Langster - Special Edition - 49cm. Purchased from LBS, mint condition. Can be ridden as fixed or wheel flipped to be able to freewheel. Based within travelling distance of Glasgow or willing to courier. Looking for around £300.
  9. Teamfixed

    Fixed wheelset wanted

    Hi everybody I am after a 700c fixed wheelset. Preferably silver rather than black. I am building up a 2nd fixed bike. I am trying to not use anything new for it ^_^ Cheers Tim
  10. Smokin Joe

    Raleigh 501 Fixed: SOLD

    Raleigh fixed wheel bike, been resprayed in it's original Team Raleigh colours. Reynolds 501 main tubes (No decals), VGC has only had limited use as a turbo bike. 21" seat tube C-T, 22" TT. Comes with a choice of Exustar road pedals or single side Shimano SPDs. £60, collection only from west...
  11. Landsurfer

    Fixed riding ..

    So possibly back to riding fixed. Never had a proper fixed frame. Always had a gear frame with Normandy L/F Double Fixed bolt on rear hub. LF, front hub, 36/28 spokes, tied and soldered... Won a couple of club medium gear events in South Wales in the early 80's ...... Nearly 40 years later ...
  12. ericmark

    Gear ratio and hill climbing ability folding v fixed?

    The problem is where I live there are hills, my standard bike has a 1 to 1 ratio bottom gear, 28 inch tyre on the wheel, and it is just a little too steep I know why it's called a push bike, my wife has an e-bike same bottom gear ratio with centre motor and I can get up the hill on that, not...
  13. Juliansou

    Some fixed advice please ......

    I’m riding a gravel/adventure type bike at the moment - really enjoying it. I’m thinking of adding a fixed or single speed to my collection of this and my Elephant bike. I just fancy something with a slight retro look to it and always liked the idea of a fixed or single speed. I don’t want to...
  14. biggs682

    Sold Specialized Langster 56cm Reynolds 520 frame

    2010 model Specialized Langster in red with chrome forks and rear stays. 56cm 56.5cm sized frame in Reynolds 520 steel . Hardly used so in great original condition and specification . Shallow aero wheels with as new slick tyres . Sugino messanger 42 tooth crank with a choice of 16 tooth single...
  15. Saracenlad

    UK fixed base touring.

    Following on from my thread - Using Premier Inn as a base. We have decided to go for this as a means to go touring. Does anyone have any advice on where to get information about the area we are visiting? I have access to most O/S Landranger maps. At the moment we intend to visit Beverley...
  16. robgul

    Claud Butler 531 framed fixie - with 3 speed fixed hub

    Frame is vintage 1982-ish, c58cm, 531 tubing no dents or dings - has been powder-coated orange with genuine 531 decals etc. 700c wheels, 2 brakes with aero (cable under tape) levers, 165 cranks, SPD pedals, Specialized BG saddle. Has a Sturmey Archer 3 speed FIXED hub with bar end changer...
  17. fossala

    New fixed ride

    Picked this up the other day to do LEJOGLE in 7 days. Did a 100mile ride yesterday and have a 200k DIY set up for tomorrow. First carbon bike and really stiff and comfortable. I have some parts being delivered for a carbon wheelset I'm building. Mack/lightbicycle 50mm/cx-ray.
  18. Shaun

    Chrome browser slow logout issue - temporarily fixed

    I've put a temporary fix in place that should get rid of the slow/no logout issue for anyone using the Chrome browser. Cheers, Shaun
  19. biggs682

    R.E.W Reynolds Winter Fixed

    My 2nd winter bike is ready it's been loitering in the garage for a while now for various reasons , but i decided a couple of weeks ago that this would be another one of my winter road bike fleet . Again running 48 x 18 fixed gear on...
  20. silva

    Fixed gear / drivetrain wear distribution

    I've read that people swap cheaper parts in order to make more expensive parts wear slower, ex "rotating" 3 chains on a single chainring so that the single chainring lasts longer. The rear cog I use has a "lifetime guarantee" on condition that it is flipped every X miles (of course this...
  21. biggs682

    My winter fixed Dunelt is ready

    Just finished converting this Dunelt returns to a fixed gear ready for my 2019 winter road bike fleet .
  22. wotsthat

    my first fixed

    Had a beauty of a fixed made for me several years ago .Must say took me a while to get used to and then one day was out and on turning right at a busy junction sadly couldn't get my foot out of the spd - There was me lying in the middle of the road - back to rat traps for me
  23. M

    Thanks to folk who helped me get my trike fixed

    Thanks to all those involved with helping me to get my trike back on the road My wheels were silver but now all of em are black .... nice. This came today
  24. fossala

    Planning out my fixed SR

    OK, booked my travel and stay for the 200k and the travel for my 300k. This is for riding a fixed SR. Now trying to figure out what rides my 400k and 600k will be. May thoughts are 200k - Mad March, A river too far, Exeter - 10/3 300k - Bill's Easton Connection, Bristol - 6/4 400k - The...
  25. fossala

    Improving fixed cadence

    I seem to be spinning out each day at around 160rpm on my commute. I want to increase to push my maximum speed downhill. Any tips on how to get faster, my main problem is smoothness once around 150-160rpm?
  26. fossala

    First fixed century in the morning

    I'm setting off on my first 100mile ride on a fixed in the morning, just over 7000ft of climbing. I'm used to doing 100milers but not on a fixed, the most I've done so far is just over 60miles. This is in prep for me trying to complete a fixed Audax SR this year. Wish me luck...
  27. fossala

    New Bob Jackson

    Built this up over the last month. Frameset only took 3 weeks to arrive. Done around 120miles on it so far, takes on the Cornish hills quite well.

    Wanted Fixed Wheel upright Trike

    Wanted 56 cm 1 Wheel Drive Trike or Frame. Must have an eccentric BB boss to facilitate Fixed Wheel chain adjustment
  29. Spiderweb

    New to Fixed wheel

    I’ve just bought a second hand Giant Bowery fixed/single speed (flip flop hub) bike and was looking for any advice/ tips on riding the bike, I’ve never ridden fixed but always wanted to give it a go. Also any opinions on the bike itself, anyone ridden a Bowery? Thanks all in advance. Edit - the...
  30. Rockn Robin

    Fixed Geared Bikes

    I've often wondered what it would be like to ride a fixed gear bike. The gear that it's fixed in, would it be comparable to, say, the third gear on a 3-speed Sturmey Archer, for example. Can you change it to a geared bike by adding a cassette, or is the rear forks too narrow at the bottom?
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