and another killer escapes justice....


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Very depressing.

A few of the comments are noteworthy:

post-accident analysis showed McKay had been doing up to 60mph on the unclassified Grange Road, Dunfermline, which has a limit of 40mph.
Sheriff Craig McSherry told him: "Had you been driving at a reckless speed you would be facing a charge of reckless driving.
:wacko: So doing 60 in a 40 zone and being on the wrong side of the road is not reckless? :wacko: :wacko: :biggrin:

This quite obviously had a terrible outcome for the family of the accused, but in saying that, I do not believe the level of carelessness is substantial enough to merit a sentence of imprisonment."
So someone is killed, but that's not careless enough for prison? :biggrin:

And why do these people always look like knuckle-dragging neanderthals?


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""This quite obviously had a terrible outcome for the family of the accused"

The ACCUSED? Jesus H Christ....


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Another example of exemplary justice ........ I think not. WTF is the matter with the judge!! The driver was at least 20mph over the speed limit, lost control of his car, on the wrong side of the road killing the cyclist who was minding his own business cycling to work. The judge is an ar$e :biggrin:. The defendant Stephen McKay should have got at least a 7 years prison sentence. He clearly has anger management issues and is a lying scumbag.

McKay was also fined £260 after admitting causing a breach of the peace in August 2009.
The court heard he threatened to "smash" a customer with a three-foot steel water key, after his standard of work was questioned.
Sums up this country doesn't it?


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Oh my God thats awful - as already posted how is 60 in a 40 on the wrong side of the raod not deemed reckless? I think that judge must be losing it to give a verdict like that especially with this lunatics previous charge.

Kill someone and get community service...worrying times!

RIP poor cyclists family...thats just a terrible story through and through.


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And he tried initially to bullshit his way out of it

When police arrived McKay told them Mr Taylor did not have his lights on and had "hit the car".
Accident investigators found tyre marks and skid marks which indicated McKay had been driving on the wrong side of the road, and had lost control.

The judge is a clown
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