And now Mayo

that explains his great performance.



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Initially saddened but on reflection pleased about this news. This may not seem like as big a deal as the revelations of last week - the perennially underachieving Mayo who had an unspectacular tour as usual, and it's finished now. BUT Mayo is huge in Spain and that's one tranch of the peloton that I believe has sniggered at those getting caught. Must be pretty satisfying news for the younger riders who are forced to knock their pans out for these cheats.

Ultimately good news I say.

Keith Oates

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Although it's not good news I'm not suprised either, his performances fluctuated too much in my opinion which seems to suggest something is not right. David Millar probably didn't know what was going on but leaving to join Slipstream now looks like a good move afterall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hmmm, kinda proves my feeling that so called perfomance enhancing drugs do not a champion make. He's rather of a poor advert for their effectiveness anyway...


They do seem to take a while to do the testing, but maybe that's a reflection of the large number of tests that they do these days, and the peaks caused in demand by big high profile events like the Tour.

I guess that means we still have something like a week for other riders to yet be found positive, given that Mayo's +ve test was on the 24th.


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No test of course can ever be 100% accurate, and human error can also be involved; contaminating the samples, mixing them up, interpreting the results, loosing results or samples.... leading to delays. Maybe that's part of the reason they take so long - thay are on someones' desk under a pile of other paperwork. Good job they're not using the NHS for these tests, or it'd be even longer!


gavintc said:
Sad, I wonder if our squeaky clean David knew anything about this. I note also on the other forum that a German 'expert' is claiming Contador's success was not without assistance. It seems that the wheel is genuinely turning and it is becoming harder for the cheats to hide. Perhaps, this race will be seen as a watershed or perhaps I am being naive.
Could also just be that the rumour mill and innuendos are rife and damaging people's careers without proof
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