Annual Mileage

What is your average annual mileage?

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Sorry if this has been done before, did a search and couldn't find it. Just wondered what everyone's average annual cycling mileage is, taking into account commuting, races/competitions, family rides, pleasure pootles, informal club rides etc

Can't really post my own average as yet because I've only been riding regularly since the summer. If I keep up my current daily commute throughout next year I should be looking at around 4k on that, plus whatever I cover for fun with mates and/or the kids, so maybe around 5-6k total but I suspect many on here will outstrip that comfortably.



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As per my ticker. 6th year in a row of 10,000+ miles.


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I don't know because I mostly train indoors on a turbo, time wise 470 hours or so (next year hoping for upwards of 600 hours).
Been off the bikes injured this year but normally about 7,000. :cycle: instead of :bicycle: hoping to try a 2 wheeler again next week, just gotta swap a few bits over onto one bike to optimise that for me leg.
Must remember to put my foot down when I stop and I shan't be clipping in for a bit.:eek:


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I forgot to mention turbo. Doesn't your turbo give you an average speed per session that you can multiply by time spent pedalling to work out your distance covered?
Although personally I think every indoor mile should only count for 0.5 miles of 'proper' cycling :whistle:

No because for the same power, your speed on the road will be different from that on the turbo in most cases.

As for how much a turbo mile is worth, vs a road mile, that depends on the turbo trainer, to cover a mile on my turbo, it would take longer, so I'd be doing the same power, for longer because for the same power, my speed on the turbo is lower, hence one mile on my turbo would produce a higher training load than one mile on the road.

Quite frankly, I avoid counting miles and work in terms of duration. If I have done 300W for 2.5 hours, I have done 300W for 2.5 hours, the miles covered as a result are completely irrelevant. The only times I am bothered about miles is when I race.
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Target was 10,000 km again, but will fall short due to being away at work the last 6 weeks, so 9k is the new aim.
Does not include countless hours on the indoor bike of course.
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