another chainring question

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Hi there I've got another question.i have been looking at buying a chainring . Maybe TA or STRONGLIGHT brand .but it says inner or outer .but my tern has a single sprocket on the front .so can i use a inner or outer or do i need a specific chainring for a single cog .and do I have to order one for a 9 speed or will a 10/11 speed fit .thanks


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10/11 will do. You should be OK - I'd personally go with an 'outer' assuming the the 'spider' sits inside of the chain ring and it does allow for a separate chain ring - just looked and some are cheaper one piece.
TA do track rings for wide chains and One rings for 1x9/10/111
Inner and outer rings are matched pairs with ramps and pins.


some chainrings made for dual and triple setup have teeth that are not entirely parallell, but are slightly narrowing farther out (before the ramped tip)

these are a pain to use without a derailer or chain guide as chain will tend to jump, especially at the highest and lowest gear and dry chain.
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