Another Great Ride - Well Apart From A Farmer!


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As I could not ride to the office today, I went out this evening and rode a mixture of off and on road, total 12.8 miles. The most I have done!

Choose my route very carefully and downloaded it to the Garmin Edge 800. But for the life of me I could not see the route on the display. Ended up going up a steep hill then had to climb over two gates.

Farmer was waiting in his tractor and I just rode up and asked if I had come up the wrong path. The other was about 5 M to my left!

He ranted and raved, 'we are fed up with your lot'. So I apologised and explained that I had made a mistake. He carried on!

So I said, 'have you never made a mistake', he carried on and I said it again. He then explained that a byway is not allowed to have a locked gate. So I replied, 'I studied law for 7 years, but it is some time since I read that bit, so no I didn't realise'. Again I apologised!

He carried on! So in the end I just asked again, 'have you never made a mistake'.

'Well obviously not as bad as yours'!

So I told him that he was a mean person and didn't even have the decency to accept that I had apologised and admitted my mistake. Perhaps you should be saying, alright, but be more careful next time.

At that point he told me to pxxs off and I repeated he was a mean man and rode away!

Apart from that it was a great ride and I really enjoyed it!


Presuming you are quoting your conversation as it actually happened you are a far more polite and understanding human being than I am.


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MossCommuter said:
Remind me of this when I climb over the fence and wander uninvited through your office
Chris didn't climb over a fence and it's not the same thing, Chris made a simple mistake and admitted it. No excuse for the farmer's attitude. I'd would have told him to **** off.
Remind me of this when I climb over the fence and wander uninvited through your office
If you stumbled into my office by accident, and acknowledged the error by way of a humble apology, then I'd exchange pleasantries with you and you'd be on your way.

However, if you were an arse about it you'd get short shrift in return and duly fed to my Manticore :tongue:


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If you climbed the gate and stumbled into my office then the armed police would drag you away before I had any chance to be pleasant to you :smile:
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