Another hand pain thread

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Since doing my first century at the weekend I've got some issues with my left hand. Basically my little finger, and to a lesser extent my ring finger, is really hard to straighten. I also have a really weak and hard to control grip using that hand. There's no pain as such but I get a weird aching feeling further down my wrist when I try to straighten it. The fingers will go into their correct positions if you put them there but I can't properly control them.
I'm pretty sure it was caused by my bike fit. My new stem had yet to arrive when I did the ride and as it was I was leaning a fair bit on my hands. I also kept finding myself gripping really tightly without meaning to.
It's got a bit better but it's still really not right. Anyone had any similar experiences? I'm just wondering if I need to see a doctor or if it's something that will sort itself out in time?

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Easier said than done...But! You've really got to try and relax your grip, especially at those distances.
It's surprising how much vibration goes through your palms/wrists, etc.
A tight grip will just aggravate it even more.
The nerves have took a pounding by the sounds of it.
Trouble straightening your fingers? That sounds like carpal trouble. :ohmy:

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Move saddle rearwards a few mm, surprising how this can remove weight on the arms and hands. If then too stretched, get a slightly shorter stem.
Raise bars a tad?
Rotate the lever hoods back towards you.
For long distances you don't want to be too "forward" on the bike.
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