Another Off!



6 months after last accident, which kept me off the bike for 3 months I resumed my intimate relationship with the tarmac. Only doing 25 mph this time, exiting a corner when I hit an oil patch. Face scuffed, cheekbone swollen and damaged shoulder. Nothing mega serious but will be having a few days or more on turbo until shoulder pain eases.

Anyway, I visited pharmacy to get some antiseptic stuff for wounds.

Pharmacist said: "That cheekbone looks bad, were you wearing a helmet?"
Me: "Yes, I was but I didn't bang my head, I hit my face, my helmet isn't even scratched".
Pharmacist: "Yes but..............

Then I go to local sandwich/cake shop to get goodies to aid recovery. Similar conversation with shop worker.
Woman: "Oh nasty, what have you done"?
Me: "Come off bike".
Women: "Were you wearing a helmet"?
Me: "Stick your sandwich and cakes where the sun don't shine Yes".
Woman: "Good".


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Get well soon mate, its all character building



Have you got a bloodshot eye? Particularly very near the finer when you look way from the injury to the left?



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Ouch - that looks painful. GWS and try not to go for the hat-trick! :okay:

Perhaps you should have explained to the pharmacist the difference between a motorcyclist's heavy full-face helmet and a cyclist's lightweight head-top one ... :whistle:

young Ed

i would agree that that might well be a broken cheek bone, for the sake of what it's worth please go to a&e and get it checked out by a professional
my great nan broke her wrist falling down the stairs and never bothered going to hospital for it and ended up with a deformed wrist that didn't work 100% for life, hardly fun
Cheers Ed


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Today was the hat-trick lol. Had another nasty one in 2013. ^_^
Oh dear! Oil spills are a bit hard to guard against, but what caused the other 2 offs?

Speaking of oil spills ... I heard of one rider who went on a Costa Blanca training camp and was doing a fast descent on the first day of his holiday when he came to a bend where the road surface was liberally coated by an olive oil spill. He ended up spending his holiday in hospital!

PS Cheer up! Why the glum face? :whistle:

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