Another tyre question im afraid


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I've got a dawes galaxy which i'm currently using as a road bike (i've stripped the mudguards and rack etc)

As ease of riding and speed are my priorities at the moment and until i can afford a proper road bike i'm considering minor upgrades to go a little faster.

I guess tyres is going to be a good start.

It's currently got schwalbe marathon 700 x 32c on WTB Dual duty XC 700c wheels.

Is changing the tyres going to be a decent improvement and how thin can and should i go?


28c will go. Maybe 25, depends on the rims as they sound chunky. The schwalbes are good bt wow, they are heavy. How about riding into the LBS for a chat and advice? This is their bread and butter.


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For a given rider the biggest impediment to speed is not the bike's weight but aerodynamics (and that mainly due to the rider's profile/riding position, rather than that of the bike/components).

As you know already the best place to save weight is rotational weight at the rim/tyre. Your rim is perhaps some 100g heavier than the best competitive rim, i.e. not much. However at 800g your tyres are about 3x heavier than a reasonable racing tyre (such as any of the Rubino Pro's, which can be pumped up to around 140psi). You will definitely notice a difference, and for very little cost.
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