Another very poor design by a very respected manufacturer.


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Just imagine you have bought one of those then you see this video how would you feel


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Quick synopsis of the video:
Canyon designed a bike so that the carbon seatpost can flex a bit
Some seatpost flex is good for comfort and handling.
Unfortunately they designed it so that the seatpost would flex within the seat tube.
This leads to abrasion between the seatpost and seat tube.
Carbon doesn't respond well to abrasion.
From an engineering point of view, it would be better to make the seatpost narrower so it is less likely to abrade when flexing, than to make it more snug to limit flexing... as long as you keep within engineering tolerances.


Cracking seat-post Gromit!

EDIT: I didn't know this existed. Very remiss of me:

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I'm not sure whether this is fair or accurate, but the impression I get from a quick surf through some of those Hambini videos is that it is very easy to make cheap poor quality carbon frames, and a lot of "respected" manufacturers seize on that opportunity. It certainly doesn't enhance my desire to buy a carbon frame, given that risk.
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