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Sorry dont know about the one you have your eye on. But I can recommend this one:


The one Paul linked to requires the front wheel to be removed, I'm not a fan of that type as it stops you from using the stand to fettle the front brakes.


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Gerry Attrick said:
I've used one of these for the last two years. Excellent value for money.


Paul, I don't know that stand you have your eyes on but if I was buying one and don't think I would be looking at that one. :smile:

thanks for the ideas guys..... I wanted one that didn't clamp the top tube as I felt that would foul on the gear cables.

I know the one I posted needs the front wheel removed, and I have reservartions about that (fettling with front brakes can't be done).... but I don't know if I can stretch the extra £80 for the tripod mounted seat tube clamp type.......

Does the top tube clamp type actually foul the gear cables ? If not, then that is the one I would go for........


You don't generally clamp the top tube, it's recommended to always clamp the seat post instead. So the ones recommended above can all be used to clamp the seat post.


I've got a Park PCS9. Works a treat. I second the objection to removing the front wheel.

Also, never clamp anywhere but the seat post. Clamping in the middle of tubes means you are clamping at the weakest point of the tube, therefore putting maximum strain on the weakest point. With alloy you might 'just' nip the frame a bit, with carbon you can structurally damage the material without even knowing you've done it.
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