Any experts on car tyres here?


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My car/tyres are fairly new, but I've twatted one tyre and it needs replacing. Searching the many tyre websites prices vary quite a bit between brands. Is best to match the brand or does it not make a ha'pennys worth of difference?

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Personally, I like to match tyres; but I don't suppose it makes much difference. Obviously don't mix cross ply and radials.
My source of tyres recently has been blackcircles. Order the tyre and specify which garage you want to fit it, and when you want it done. Easy.

FWIW, I always stick with the better known brands. Currently have Good Year tyres all round. Maybe it's down to having been a motorcyclist before I was a driver, but I like to have some confidence in those 4 (or 2 as the case may be) bits of rubber that are the only contact between vehicle and road!
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Depends on what you drive & how. If you take it to the limit, I guess maybe it matters. If you pootle around like me, it really doesn't. I always use this lot - checkout the reviews and get the cheapest that looks trustworthy. So far so good...


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I match all 4 always have done after a nasty spin with some crap tyres on the rear (when I was in my 20s)

Certainly as a minimum same tyres on each axel.


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@CarlP things to think are how many mile do you cover ?

what kind of driving ie local pottering high speed or long motorway runs ?

i have used economy brands for years never had an issue but then only cover 7-8 k a year mostly local

sure you might get more miles and performance and less road noise from a top quality brand but will you notice it ?

just make sure same size and speed rating on each axle


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I have michelin on the wife's car (it's a 1999 year) and barum (continentals cheap brand) on my 2002 car.

I won't use some unknown brand. Same with the bike.

The barums have been way better for grip than the original Dunlops.


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I do about 30k a year, I drive as economically as practicable, I get about 60mpg, since posting OP I've found a firm that will come to me to fit and they are the cheapest for the same brand of tyre, cheaper than Black circles by three quid.


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I like to keep both tyres on the same axle the same and with the same tread depth so If the spare is unused I'd put that on the same axle with the new replacement to match and the remaining worn one as the spare.


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Some cars react very badly to mixed tyres... I have two E46 bmws and they can be a nightmare for poor handling if all four tyres aren't matching.

I used to chuck anything on my cars, but these days I aim as high as my budget allows.

Uniroyal Rainsport3 on one car and soon to be Michelin Pilotsport3 on the other car...


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I don't know, to be fair. I'm not confident the truck would get much past 55 anyway.

Cornering can be interesting in the dry, but I'm a sedate driver anyway - it's not unusual for kids on BMX's to moan that I'm holding them up.


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I fully understand the pottering around locally bit, but as only 1% of accidents happen over 50 miles from home and 33% within 1 mile from home maybe the thinking is wrong. Budget tyres = greater braking distance.

There I go, seeing it different from others, sorry guys.
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