Anyone do BIG SHIP cruises ?


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Doesn't excite me in the slightest but.....
We watched an amazing/enjoyable prog last night. It was an in depth look at a BIG cruise ship called The Seaside.
Takes 7000 passengers :eek:
Meals (which looked fantastic) were in 3 sittings.
It had to be run like the army and it was.
It showed all the desalination process which was staggering.
As I say.....not for me but many people really enjoy it.


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My mum and dad have done a few. They enjoyed it. Not for me.


Only ever done one cruise and that was on a much smaller ship (about 2,000 passengers). Enjoyed it, but not interested in doing another any time soon. It was great for getting to certain places that would have been difficult to reach by other means (it was an Alaskan cruise and many of the towns on the route can only be reached by sea or by air) but by the end of it we'd got quite bored on the days when we were "at sea" having already done everything we wanted to on board within the first few days. Certainly couldn't do one of those trans-Atlantic cruises where you have 4-5 days straight without being able to disembark!


Did a few years working on the QE2 amongst others when I was younger.Good way to earn some money and see the world.Not that you get much time in ports ! It wouldn't be my choice for a holiday but I can see how some !


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We tried a 3 night 'mini cruise' once on one of the large P&O ships (Aurora I think). The food and drink etc were great but I think I'd get a bit bored on the sea days between ports.


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I have had experience of watching passengers getting off these things and straight on to buses to take them somewhere. Problem seemed to stacking the zimmers.
The idea seems to be to keep them away from “real” people unless by arrangement or for entertainment by the natives and make sure any money spent is on board only if possible.
Somebody I know did a survey in Lerwick and the result showed that the crew spent more money ashore than the passengers. Charity shops in particular sold a lot of clothing to them.
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