Anyone get owt from Aldi's cycling special?


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The pannier rucksack looked interesting so called into have a look (normally i'm too busy working there to stop and look at the specials, and then they're gone). At £13 I reckon the rucksack is worth punt for the rare occasion when a bike ride involves a lengthy walk at the destination and I've packed a picnic.

Also got a pair of neoprene gloves, a couple of pairs of Merino socks (overrated) and some waterproof over trousers, which are going back on Tuesday. As with all over trousers, they far too short in the leg (a mere 30", pah!).

Already got a set of their lights so left those well alone, but what did you lot get, and do you rate it?


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Had a quick look but nothing of interest. I was hoping for one of the maintenance stands.


Our local had a dozen turbo trainers in for £44.99/pop. Looked to have a resistance control so could be worth a punt if we all get locked down again.


Are the neoprene gloves any good? Saw them, but thought “that looks sweaty..."
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