Anyone in Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers ?


Free-wheeling into oblivion...
Hi all...

Anyone from Bournemouth in the Julibee Wheelers ?

I would like to join, but don't know anyone who's already a member, and don't know if I am good enough to go on a club run just yet. Saw a couple of guys in club gear when I was out yesterday morning and they waved as passed each other (going opposite directions).

A search on here didn't bring up much ;)

Go for it Daniel!
If you are keen that is all a club can ask for. If you do your best - then you'll be happy.
Here's the membership form - most clubs will appreciate the interest shown by prospective new members. In twenty years time, you will be canvassing for them in order to attract new membership - such as you!

Ian H

I am an ancient randonneur, & I stop often for tea
East Devon
I know members, some are tourists. I've ridden their events. A friendly bunch in my experience.


Free-wheeling into oblivion...
I have registered for access to the forum... see what sort of welcome I get.

Need to put in the miles first though, before I make a right (or left) t!t of myself by dropping off the back of the pack after 2k :biggrin:
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