Anyone know this make of bike or even owned one?


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I would geuss on it being a Bottochia


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What does "quality frame" mean in the context of skinny steel tubes? Noodly and wobbly? My brother and I once hired an old-school skinny steel tandem and it was a horribly upsetting experience because it felt like sitting astride a farm gate, so badly did it wobble.

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It is significantly more difficult to build a stiff tandem frame. Reynolds made an oversize tubing set, which had to be fillet-brazed as there were no lugs. But only the marathon and double-marathon designs really passed muster, and even then only if they were well-built.

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My local bike shop has an oldish Cannondale tandem on their small hire fleet.

It has large diameter tubes.

Perhaps it's aluminium.

No idea how it rides.

A few months ago they had an obscure Chinese brand carbon tandem in for service.

I'd never seen one of those before.

The owner of the shop offered me a go as a stoker on the road test, but I didn't fancy it.
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