Are drivers more considerate of folder riders ?


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I am convinced that I get less stupid overtakes and more consideration when riding the same roads on my Brommie than when out on my road bike.

Its not my attitude changing ,I don't do strava or really care much about speed on either bike.
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Most drivers couldn't tell a folder bike from a folder full of football stickers.


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It's the 'weird' bit - makes them think.

A couple of years ago I had a driver say to me "I only saw you because you had bright yellow shoes* on" - in other words she'd have not seen and possibly hit anyone else.

* Gore hi-viz overshoes.


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I didn't ride a bike for a good 25 years and restarted a couple years ago on a Brompton. I don't remember anything like the number of close passes I seem to get these days. Maybe I was less fearful of them in my youth. My biggest complaint in those days was the constant 'Daisy Daisy' if I was out with my mate on a tandem.


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There was a study done that found drivers passed closest to cyclists seen as experts – road bike, lycra, helmet – and gave the greatest room to those without a helmet. The casual look of a Brompton probably does help.

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Dummies are dummies no matter what you are riding. Round here i find that most people are courteous towards any riders. However the worst offfenders seem to be people who drive large saloon / company type cars. Some appear to go out of their way to see how close they can get to you without actually touching you.

There is one woman around here who rides a bike that is clearly too big for her and it is very old as well. She dresses in flowery dresses and wears a high viz jacket that looks like it belongs to a man. Everyone gives here a wide berth. Maybe they think she is a bit weird. ^_^.


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I'm not sure that it makes that much difference which bike I'm on - but maybe that's because I'm a confident cyclist regardless.

The last close pass I got was on the Brompton where one car overtook (safely) just before a traffic island and a second car blindly followed, realised their mistake and went for the gap anyway. I was lucky in that he clearly tried to give me as much room as possible, but that meant hitting both offside wheels on the kerb of the traffic island.


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No... I had a horrible close pass last week... caught up at the next traffic jam and asked them "Would you mind giving me more space next time?!"... glad I didn't swear cos I had just scared the wits out of the lady on her phone as it was....

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Not much difference between the big Cannondale and the Brompton. I've come to close calls with both. For me, the bigger mass (i.e. cars, trucks, etc.) has the right of way.
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