1. G

    For Sale: 1960/70's Sturmey Archer 3 speed folder. Fully rideable and foldable.

    Hi folks, I've been told that this is probably a BSA framed bike badged up with a contemporary company's "S" logo (the give away is apparently the hex. nuts on the crank pins). Before it came my way it had been fettled with fresh tyres, tubes, brake cables and then some black paint on the wheel...
  2. Cycleops

    Bike Friday Tikit folder for sale in Sheffield

    I bought this some time ago whilst I was in Sheffield. Stored at my cousin's house and she's fed up having it there so up for sale. Bike Friday is a US make as I'm sure you know.. Fold is obviously not as good as Brompton but quite manageable. Where it scores over Brompton is it has discs and...
  3. newfhouse

    **SOLD** Pannonia Mayfair folder for sale

    I have relisted this bike as a result of a time waster last time round. I’m happy to sell via CC if no bids have been received via EBay. It’s not your usual top end forum sale, more an interesting oddity as a doer upper for someone that fancies it. Collection from Purley. Make me an offer and...
  4. LardAbove

    Gumtree tonight = folder £35

    Oooof! No cheap bikes, eh?
  5. Ian H

    Rooting through a spam folder

    Just checking there's nothing that shouldn't be in there (okay, and looking for the odd amusing one), I found this.
  6. A

    Current Affairs Folder posting only, no replies.

    Thought I will post it here as a general consensus would be be a helpful to Admin @Shaun . Why not a Current Affairs folder that one can post but replies are not allowed. It will help members keep tab with recent events, policies and general news of interest. It can be reason for logging in...
  7. Oldhippy

    Dahon folder for sale SOLD

    Excellent condition and serviced. Selling for a resident at my retirement complex. £200. Does everything it should. Collection from Herne Bay only.
  8. K

    Two-wheel trailer for 20" folder?

    I LOVE my Dahon Ciao but if I want to carry a significant load on it for several hours (which I'm increasingly thinking I might - I'm vaguely thinking of going camping in September, somewhere FLAT. haha!) I'm best getting a trailer. But how do I find a trailer that is suitable for a 20 "...
  9. K

    Non-Brompton folder?

    I was initially looking for an e-folder (see thread here for reasons etc) but have given up after quite a bit of research and trying several for size. They are all so damned big - and I'm simply too small. Under 5ft, and somewhat-oddly proportioned lengthwise, too. However, I have learnt that...
  10. The Bystander

    Wisper 806 Folder - Pannier heel strike?

    I'm considering the Wisper 806 (Torque) but I'm not going to be able to see one in the flesh, so to speak, before ordering. My concern is that, looking at the few pictures I've seen, the mounting bars for panniers seem to be positioned in such a way as to prevent the bags being mounted towards...
  11. R

    My first ride on a folder

    So I finally ventured out today on my Carrera Intercity folder that I bought a couple of weeks ago. I packed it into the car and drove to the local town to ride around the park (big, wide paths and no cars!) I have to say I’m very impressed by it - I’m 6’ 2” and on the heavier side and the...
  12. R

    Folder mods

    So I stumbled across this video of someone modifying their folder to be more of a road bike: View: Seems pretty extreme to me, and I cringed when I saw how the new drop handlebars sat when folded (not pretty!) Anyone else done anything to their folder (Brommie...
  13. Cycleops

    New electric folder from Taiwan.

    I thought this was interesting as the bike has a folding as well as a suspension system: View:
  14. HLaB

    Train+11 miles Folder Commute

    I'm looking at the possibility of a commute by train on the mainline, then rather than waiting for a branchline service cycling 11miles at a decent speed. The Airnimal Chamelon looks capable of doing this, is there anything else?
  15. Pompeywidow

    Halfords folder

    Hi again Odd question My daughters bike has a little hook for a pump but there’s only one hook? Can’t see anything on the frame to suggest there was 2 to start with. It’s not a major thing just curious as to how the pump wouldn’t fall off 😊
  16. PeteXXX

    Rookie Folder question.

    Rookie Folder question... Are they 'sized'? ie small, medium and large etc, or is the size needed altered by raising or lowering stuff? 🤔
  17. KneesUp

    24" Folder / Public Transport

    I'm looking on eBay and the usual place for a folder for the first time because I'm going to have to start train commuting in a few months - but only 2 days a week initially. The station is 3 miles from my house, and the end station is about 2 miles from where I'll be working. I notice that 24"...
  18. cisamcgu

    Is it worth buying a folder ..

    Well, Mrs Cisamcgu and I both have Bromptons for our multi-modal adventures, but Miss Cisamcgu doesn't, being a student and not liking cycling all that much anyway. However we are all going on a canal boat for 5 days in July and Mrs C and I are taking our Brommies so we can zip off to shops and...
  19. robrinay

    Converting/improving s vintage folder

    Apologies if this has already been done to death but I’m new here and haven’t found a similar thread. After buying and playing and selling on a number of different folders (Bickerton, Dahon, Moulton seperables (f frame and Pashley) I bought an old Raleigh folder. I read this article on...
  20. jay clock

    Dawes Kingpin folder 2011 for sale (Rebadged Dahon)

    My elderly Dad has given up cycling and this was in his shed. Appears to be 2011 and this model - I am fairly certain it is a Dahon at heart as the fold etc looks identical to my Dahon Speed P8. He will not have touched...
  21. Smudge

    Inexpensive folder wanted.

    Never had a folder in my life before, but i've been thinking about getting one to add to my bike stable for a while now. Mainly to bung in the back of the car sometimes and it'll only get limited use. Obviously i dont want to spend a lot for this limited use. Probably up to £300 max and must be...
  22. G

    16" wheel folder options

    Hi, I have recently changed car to one with a smaller boot My trusty 20" wheel Ridgeback attache squeezes in but I think a 16" wheel folder would be a better long term solution as I can relocate the parcel shelf, etc I've done a bit of web browsing to see what's available (I don't think my...
  23. Banjo

    Are drivers more considerate of folder riders ?

    I am convinced that I get less stupid overtakes and more consideration when riding the same roads on my Brommie than when out on my road bike. Its not my attitude changing ,I don't do strava or really care much about speed on either bike.
  24. EltonFrog

    1975 Dawes Kingpin Folder

    I’ve decided to move on this green KP folder I bought a couple of weeks ago. I’ve decided I’m going to wait for a green non folder to come along. Everything works perfectly on it, I’ve ridden it a few times, the original tubes and tyres have stayed inflated from a couple of weeks ago. The rear...
  25. kingrollo

    Brake blocks for tern link (folder)

    Anybody got any recommendations for brake blocks (rim) for folding bikes - in particular the tern link - not changed em before wonder what I should buy ? Cheers.....
  26. biggs682

    Wartime BSA Folder

    Just popped up to the Sywell Avaition museum to poss a bit of time. And I spotted this BSA folder hanging from the ceiling , such a shame it's not exhibited in a better way so people can see it as I should think a lot of people don't realise it's there . This one of many war time and...
  27. mustang1

    City riding: folder Vs cheaper full size bike

    An advantage often touted about a folding bike is that you can take it into a restaurant with you or a movie theatre, shopping centre, out with your friends and so on. A brompton is the best for this kind of activity. You also don't have to rely on public transport but you can fold it of course...
  28. kingrollo

    Rear light for Tern Link - (Folder)

    My lezyne strip fell off my bike today - no idea where - nice find for someone ! Any ideas for a replacement rear light for my folding bike. I am only on ot for 5 minutes so don't want to spend too much.......
  29. Binka

    Got myself a new folder, but not a Brompton in the end!

    Picked this Phillips Folda up for £20. It's in amazing condition to think its late 79s or early 80s? Thought it's worth a try for the money.

    Free Folder to first person who can collect.

    Hello I brought this folder for the other half to use this summer but she has realized she cannot ride a bike due to her leg injury becoming worse with age. It all works as is ( I took it on a 15 mile trip down local (ish) disused railway line a short while back) but in reality could do with...
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