Dawes Kingpin folder 2011 for sale (Rebadged Dahon)

jay clock

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My elderly Dad has given up cycling and this https://ibb.co/huZ9NU was in his shed. Appears to be 2011 and this model https://www.thebikelist.co.uk/dawes/kingpin-2011 - I am fairly certain it is a Dahon at heart as the fold etc looks identical to my Dahon Speed P8.

He will not have touched anything on it, so should be standard spec and I would be surprised if it has done more than 100 miles

Tyres were flat - pumped up they are fine. A 100m ride has it all in good order. Only thing I would change is the standard brake blocks are hard and screechy so would replace personally with something soft and grippy

Only issue is various patches of oxidisation (?) on the frame, https://ibb.co/nn0S99 and the rack has patches of bubbly rust. Personally I would remove the rack

A similar model is here for £125 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dawes-Kingpin-folding-bicycle-aluminium-frame-7-speed/123387030792?hash=item1cba70ad08:g:SeQAAOSwdCFbcee2 I am looking for £100 for collection from Winchester, but I could also meet in central London (Waterloo/City/West End)

Get in touch if you want a look or more photos
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