1. slowmotion

    Dahon Briza D8 folding bike. What do you reckon?

    Ms Slomo is getting quite keen on riding around town on Boris Bikes but wants something lighter and I've been asked to come up with ideas. She lives in a first floor flat which shares a narrow hall and staircase. I thought that a folder might suit her needs as long as it's got biggish wheels...
  2. Alembicbassman

    SOLD Dahon 16 Inch Wheel Folding Bike £130

    Due to an ebay bidder backing out I still have my Dahon Piccolo D3 3 Speed Sturmey Archer Hub Excellent Condition, hardly used.
  3. T

    Replacing Dahon front hub

    Hi- have a older Dahon Speed TR and want to replace the failing front wheel biologic dyno with a normal 74mm hub- hav bought a new 74mm 20h Dahon front hub off ebay (has no axle for some reason)- will that be good enough for touring with front panniers???? And any recommendations for...
  4. tds101

    Dahon Mariner i7,...

    Here's a little review, based on my shoddy breathing after having Covid 19 at the beginning of the year. Straight out the box, all I needed to do was install the pedals, tighten a few screws and such, adjust the brakes & tune the shifting. Took me a few minutes to figure out how to...
  5. Kell

    Dahon folding bike bag:

    Not sure if this goes against the rules here, but I have my old bike bag for a 26" wheel Dahon for sale on eBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124433646381 If anyone fancies it and doesn't want to risk bidding for it at auction, let me know and I'll end the auction early (if there are no...
  6. Kell

    Dahon Folding bike bag

    I’m cleaning out my shed and came across a Dahon bag for a 26” folder. it came with a second-hand bike I bought and I’ve never used it. I opened it to check it out and it looks to be unused. The interior looks completely unmarked. the exterior of the folded package is a bit dusty and may have...
  7. jay clock

    i-beam saddle for Dahon

    My daughter has borrowed my 2005 Dahon Speed p8 for the lockdown and finding the saddle uncomfortable. Apart from HTFU I am looking for a replacement The fitting is a quirky system called I-beam and I can find a seatpost on CRC that says I-Beam seatposts can only be used with I-Beam saddles...
  8. jay clock

    Bottle holder for Dahon

    I have lent my Dahon to my daughter in London for lockdown. Any clever ideas re a bottle holder that won't impede the fold?
  9. rustybolts

    Dahon Mariner D8

    Just bought a new Dahon Mariner D8 . Its freezing here so won't be out for its maiden voyage this week. Anybody else here got one ? I was going to get a Halfords Carrera folder but the Dahon looked a better job. How are they for reliability ?
  10. KneesUp

    Adding gearing to a single speed Tern / Dahon

    I'm thinking of getting a folder of some sort for a new job - I will only need to travel some days so it'll be a budget (i.e. secondhand and not a Brompton) purchase. I'm quite taken with the simplicity and weight saving of a SS for this, but if, for example, I bought a single speed Tern /...
  11. Smudge

    Dahon Vitesse i7

    Still looking for a reasonably inexpensive folder. Any thoughts about this model of Dahon ? Mint cond one near me for sale, but i have no experience of the Nexus 7 hub and through googling i've found a few reliability issues with them. Appreciate any advice from those with experience of Dahons...
  12. bence8810

    Dahon Metro chain ring guard

    Hi all, As I've gotten myself a Brompton, my old trusty Dahon Metro 2006 isn't going to get much use regularly. Before I put it away, I did an overall cleaning and re-lubing and in the process I managed to brake the chain ring cover. From one of the broken pieces I found a part number, it...
  13. Bodhbh

    Dahon Vitesse saddle clamp bolt size

    Long shot while waiting for Dahon support to get back - anyone know the size of the above? (It's a Vitesse D7 for what it's worth). I'm trying to get the bits together to fit a Brooks B66S double railed saddle to the other halfs Dahon. I have the Breezer adaptor but I need to get a longer bolt...
  14. jay clock

    Dawes Kingpin folder 2011 for sale (Rebadged Dahon)

    My elderly Dad has given up cycling and this https://ibb.co/huZ9NU was in his shed. Appears to be 2011 and this model https://www.thebikelist.co.uk/dawes/kingpin-2011 - I am fairly certain it is a Dahon at heart as the fold etc looks identical to my Dahon Speed P8. He will not have touched...
  15. staff70

    Dahon for sale

    Hi all I have a dahon vector p30 for sale. I have had it from new and had it imported from a bike shop in Germany. It's in really good condition and is about 3 years old. I paid around £1650 for it and am looking for £650
  16. T

    Dahon front carrier system

    Recommendations or advice welcomed. As,too,experience. The retailer CHWhite has told me the Dahon Cargo system has not been imported to the UK because it appears 'not good enough'(un-engineered?). I was looking at this piece of equipment to carry stuff around abroad with a Carradice Camper...
  17. Justinitus

    Luggage Truss

    Morning everyone, looking for some help before I order the luggage truss. I have a Tern Link and an old Rixen Kaul Shopper Pro basket - http://www.klickfix.com/index.php?lang=en Could somebody please tell me the measurement from the top of the truss Klickfix adaptor to the top of the...
  18. L

    Identify Dahon Bike

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could identify which model of Speed this Dahon bike was? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dahon-Speed-Folding-Bike-/132303297983?hash=item1ecde41dbf:g:sKMAAOSwl0tZm947 I'm trying to find out how old it is but am really struggling to match it to anything I can...
  19. Jason

    Dahon Mu P8 Clip on or fixed basket

    Hope you good folk can help us with the above, now the folder lives in doors by the front door, Mrs Bourne wants a basket to carry small items from the shops. Clip on/off or fixed will suitable. It has a rear rack, but we are not sure of what to purchase?
  20. chriscross1966

    Dahon Getaway freewheel

    I've a long-term project kicking around to do something dafter than usual to a Brompton frame I have, to whit, build a drop-handlebar racer from it... I've managed to source a lot of bits for it, but this morning I saw something that might shortcut a bit I've got looming in front of me like the...
  21. graham bowers

    Dahon P8 rear mech pivot stiff

    I've noticed the Neos rear mech pivot is stiff. I took it off and it's not corroded or dirty, the pivot bolt is clamping the mech - a lick of a file should shorten the boss and allow it to pivot nicely. But, before I remove metal, could any other Dahon owners check theirs please - I'm sure it...
  22. D

    Dahon Speed Pro TT - Wanted

    I'm looking to buy a Dahon Pro TT It would be really good to hear back from you if you have one for sale or know someone who is willing to sell one I'm UK based Many Thanks In Advance
  23. bikegang

    Dahon Curl on Kickstarter ... this time for real.

    Featuring Brand X as comparision :laugh::boxing::cycle: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1276083635/dahon-curl-ultra-compact-folding-bike?ref=user_menu
  24. e-rider

    Dahon Qix vs Brompton

    I have been looking at a Brompton for some time and I have no doubt that they're are great folding bikes. However, the price tag is just so high I'm struggling to get the pennies up together for when I start work later this month. I have seen the Dahon Qix that gets great reviews for about half...
  25. stearman65

    Dahon C5 "Chiao" folding bike "Sold"

    For sale on Ebay & most other sites such as Gumtree, Preloved, Craigs List, Swapz. Ebay Link. offers in the region of £250 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/112182983806?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  26. bikegang

    Brompton bags on Dahon or Tern?

    Back to this project, will make two samples ...
  27. jay clock

    WITHDRAWN: Dahon Speed P8 in excellent condition

    NOW DECIDED NOT TO SELL. SORRY I have had this since I bought brand new in the US in November 2005. Used a little bit for 2-3 years, and less and less. Done about 300 miles TOTAL according to my nerdy log of trips. I had to commute across London for the last couple of years so bought a...
  28. Gixxerman

    Folding bike suitable for 3 mile commute

    I work in Lincoln city centre, and the commute from my home is about 18 miles. I have always wanted to bike to work, but this is a little too far for a regular commute, mostly due to the time. So I normally drive to work and park in the works car park. This carpark has very limited spaces and is...
  29. bikegang

    Dahon Curl... (Inspired by Brompton)

    :eek: ....
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