Argh! Thanks Joe!

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I wish! It's now under (I hope!) a 5 litre tin of pain courtesy of my much braver younger brother. Getting rid of the body can wait until we have spider loving guests!
I'm popular with mosquitoes, I counted 10 of the bug**rs trapped in the sp**er web in my hotel room in Berlin last week.

My BF HATES spiders big time but I like 'em for the above reason! So I chase them into hiding of he is around and if they have to go because he's seen them I carry out live evictions.

However, I do sympathise with the arachnophobes.


We had a mouse infestation's not good for the nerves to reach for the bread bin and have a psycho furry thing leap out and scuttle across the kitchen surfaces!

Spiders are a caribbean holiday in comparison!


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we once had a cat bring a live rat in, which set up home behind the sink, living off cat food. problem solved by removing the cat food, starving the cats for a day and locking them in the kitchen overnight.


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Apparently if a site gets environmentally totalled (wartime bombsites, poisoned etc), spiders are often the first re-colonisers, because they are happy to eat each other - then they attract the larger predators and so on, while the plant seeds blow in and the whole system gets back on track.

I used to hate them, couldn't sleep in a room if I thought there was one. While I wouldn't go out of my way to pick one up, I'm much better now...
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