Argument with ...


... the kerb.

Yes - that's right, the kerb. I was proudly taking my 6 year old son to the Manchester Skyride yesterday and decide to show him how to go up a kerb without dismounting. It didn't work - cue Mummy promptly going over the handlebars, landing on elbows! :wacko: All I managed to do was convince him not to attempt that move (maybe a good thing) and wear his elbow pads.

On a good note, we did continue to the train station (yes we hadn't even got to the train station at this point) and had a lovely time at the Skyride. And the incident has convinced me I am better off on roads, even with traffic. :blush:


Oaf on a Bike
Sorry but I couldnt help finding that funny :giggle: hope it didnt hurt too badly!


And you didn't quickly turn and say "now, that's how not to do it?!"
I bet your son enjoys re-telling the story endlessly. My children weren't even with me when I did my spectacular over the handle bars dismount but they still tell it like they were!


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i did have to chuckle slightly too... sorry.

I remember a 'big boy'* teaching me and my brother how to bump up kerbs when i was a nipper... we started on some really low 2-3" kerbs before working our way up to the standard size.

*probably about 9 yrs.

ditch them silly elbow pads though... what child doesn't graze their elbows? It's part of their job!
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