As the decades roll on...

Not to depress you at all, but where did you live when you were...0,10, 20 etc years old...:ohmy:

to start the ball rolling (or...puncture it. :blush:)

0 Bollington nr Macclesfield
10 Que Que (Zim)
20 Leicester/ Chester/ Bulawayo (Zim)
30 London - Wimbledon
40 Abingdon



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0 St Ives Cornwall
10 Lincolnshire
20 Nottingham
30 Peterborough
40 Still havnt escaped yet !!!!!
50 (very nearly) ...still havnt escaped yet !!! :blush:


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0-20 St. Albans, Northampton.
20-30 N'pton, London, Spain, London again.
30-40 London
40-now London, Northumberland

My "London" stints inluded Streatham, Boreham Wood (just in London), Harlesden, Archway, Beckenham and Crystal Palace. My Spain stints were Tarragona and Pontevedra. Happy days...


0 to 10..Raf church fenton...Raf coddington...Raf cranwell...Limassol in cyprus...Episkopi in cyprus.
10 to 20..Raf wittering...Raf Church fenton(again)....Darlington
20 to Darlington


0 - 25 East Merseyside...

25 - 25 Italy...:blush:

26 - 29 East Merseyside..

29 - 31 London...:ohmy:

31 - Now...EM again...:biggrin:


Good question.

I've included where I've been for more than 6 months or it would be a much longer list.

0-10 Yorkshire and North Lancs
10-20 North Lancs, Israel, Cumbria, North Lancs
20-30 North Lancs, Aberdeen, Cumbria, Italy, North Lancs, South Lancs Derbyshire
30- Derbyshire

Restless Legs

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0 - 10: Leicester
11 - 20: Northamptonshire
21 - 30: Northampton, Sunderland
30 - 40: Southend, Colombia, Ecuador, Notts, Venezuela
40 - : Brum


0 Exeter, Devon.
10 Exeter, Devon.
20 Brighton, East Sussex.
30 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
40 Streatham, South London.

Nowhere half as exotic as some you. :blush:

Elmer Fudd

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0-8 Northfield & Rednal Birmingham, Redditch
8-10 Northfield again
10-28 Redditch again
28-30 Rednal again
30-37 repeat Redditch
37-39 Sanquhar Scotland
39-40 Cork Eire
40-41 Shepshed Leics, Chester-le-street Co. Durham
41-42 Cairo Egypt
42-43 Sofia Bulgaria
43-45 return to Shepshed
45-48 return to Redditch
48... Durham.

Strangely enough when there was nowt on box, as usual, but SWMBO had remote, I tried listing all the street names I had ever lived in. Gave up at 31


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0-19 Liverpool
19-30 Northampton, Luton, Bristol, Reading, Bristol, Dudley.
30-40 Walsall, Newcastle Upon Tyne, West Bromwich, Uganda, Stourbridge and finally Blackpool.

Thought it was more than that but in most places would have had a couple of addresses.
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