Ascot it ain't...

Some beautiful patterns in these photos. I like the one of the empties strewn everywhere - all those plastic pint pots making merry on the floor!
I don't 'dress up' (an understatement ;)) but those who do, for days like this etc, must build up to the 'moment' and revel in it. Nice images.


I guess you can make your point easily enough by selecting your photographs from the vast pool taken on the day - and it seems people will lap it up.
Meanwhile, winning jockey Tony McCoy's day was soured a little on his way home as he was stopped and fined by police for driving while using his mobile. The offence carries three penalty points.

A bit silly - he probably had a Police escort


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Same old rubbish from the Daily Mail, they only include the unfortunate pictures in that article. If you go to the national however you soon see there are loads of beautiful and stylish women :tongue:


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Who let the dogs out !!!!.


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They might not have been dressed to everyone's tastes, but each to their own. I don't feel I am in a position to criticise anyones fashion when I spend my days in weathered shorts, 10 year old shirts and flip flops?

But then again, I'm not trying to poject an image by impersonating a glamour model.


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quite like this one...

some of the outfits are ill-judged, but the huge eyelashes and orange fake tan don't help
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