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I went out on me bike.
First time in 4 weeks. Was a nice breezy morning, had a light lunch, got kitted-up, opened the Front door and the Monsoon came down :biggrin:
Mooched around for 30 mins...then went for it regardless. Got drenched within mins, loved-it, warm enough for shorts, a nice 15 mile pootle, some flooded roads though around Oxford.

Just had a milkshake and a bath..nice to be a 'Cyclist' again!


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You bothered going out and that's the main thing. I had a slightly similar experience after two weeks off the bike. Set off at lunchtime with the sky as black as ink. Pretty much dodged the rain, but my god some of those puddles! I was riding through one lake of water when I hit a submerged pothole, luckily I stayed on the bike - I'd have got VERY wet otherwise.


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Good stuff. I've not been out for a very long time and got caught in heavy rain it's just been very cold most of the times I've been out. Next week I'll try the new commute so things will probably change on the rain front!
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